Colbert Capitalizes on My Pillow Woes by Making Eggs the QAnon Way (Video)

“The Late Show” has a lot of fun mocking conspiracy theories and the people who spread them

On the latest episode of “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert took a few minutes in his monologue to laugh about My Pillow founder Mike Lindell, who has been having some problems since he went all in on Donald Trump’s baseless conspiracy theories and lies about the 2020 election.

And as part of that, Colbert unveiled the perfect product to take advantage of the opening left in the market thanks to the My Pillow woes: A fancy skillet that panders directly to the QAnon conspiracy theorists and white supremacists who no longer have a consumer product aimed right at them.

So a brief catch-up: Lindell was already a big supporter of Trump but after the 2020 election was called for the actual winner, Joe Biden, Lindell became one of the chief proponents of the lies Trump and his allies spread in their attempts to steal the election. In fact, even after the deadly riot Trump incited Jan. 6, Lindell continued to advance those lies. Since then, My Pillow has been dropped by Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s, HEB Stores, the Canadian Shopping Channel and Wayfair among others. Lindell was also suspended from Twitter.

“Oh that’s nice. No more fascist conspiracy theories to distract you from the toxic misogyny,” Colbert joked about the Twitter ban. “But with My Pillow in trouble, there’s an opening in the market for conspiracy spreading ‘as seen on TV’ products.”

Then Colbert rolled a fun parody ad for a product called “The EggWhizzard,” a skillet that “makes perfect eggs every time, and is the only kitchen product guaranteed to fight the secret cabal of Satan-worshipping cannibals who control our water supply.”

According to the commercial, “EggWhizzard” will guarantee “no more messy counters, no more sloppy plates, no more George Soros Lizard Men,” and also “makes eggs easy, as easy as it was for Mr. Rogers to fake his own death and live under an assumed name in Cuba until he receives the signal to return at the head of an army of child patriots” who will arrest Barack Obama’s dogs.

Then comes the obligatory consumer testimonial part, where a woman says that she didn’t think it was possible that “a single product can make great eggs, fluffy meringue, and stop the trilateral commission from using to plant DNA-gathering devices in our furniture so that Oprah can clone us for organ meet.”

“But it can,” the woman says.

There’s more and it’s also pretty funny. Watch the whole monologue above — the discussion of My Pillow begins about 11 minutes and 30 seconds in, and the fake commercial a minute later.

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