Christine McGuinness breaks down as she admits she was petrified of Paddy split

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    Christine McGuinness broke down in her new BBC documentary when talking about her breakup with her husband Paddy McGuinness.

    The TV personality spoke about her recent split with Take Me Out star Paddy in the new programme.

    Christine visited a support group of autistic women to share her experiences with them.

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    The mum-of-three told them: "When I met my husband that was a time I felt very safe and I wonder if that's why I stayed in the relationship for 15 years.

    "We are separated now – but I stayed for 15 years, I know being a single woman is an extremely vulnerable place to be and it petrified me, and that's life sorry I don't want to get upset."

    One member of the members then asked her: "Sorry you feel more able to have left after your diagnosis?"

    She answered: "Yeah because I know because I've stayed in a place I was probably unhappy because it was safe and I don't like change – and ultimately I wanted to keep my family together."

    Christine then teared up and spun around away from the group to hide from the camera.

    BBC viewers took to social media to share their thoughts on the documentary.

    One wrote: "Crying already. So glad this has been made!!!! #UnmaskingMyAutism"

    A second added: "Watching this right now. It reminds me of the many stories I’ve heard of young people getting wrongly diagnosed with personality disorders while in inpatient settings. It seems deliberate to me… #autism #mentalhealth #personalitydisorders #UnmaskingMyAutism"

    While a third penned: "This young girl has been put through the fcuking ringer!! Sexism much! Wishing her the best of luck. #UnmaskingMyAutism"

    "#ChristineMcGuinness documentary is very good and full of lightbulb moments. Well done her and the programme makers," a fourth shared.

    A fifth put: "5mins into #ChristineMcGuinness – WOW!! The courage to unmask and offer a first hand insight into some of the struggles & challenges she faces is inspiring. Learning so much #autism #Neurodiversity"

    Christine McGuinness: Unmasking My Autism airs on March 15 on BBC One.


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