Chantelle Houghton slams Ozempic and surgery claims as she discusses 5 stone weight loss

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton has slammed Ozempic and surgery claims, as she detailed her current diet and how she lost five stone.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the 40 year old revealed she has been getting lots of messages accusing her of using Ozempic – which is administered by injection – and having liposuction surgery.

According to Healthline: “Ozempic is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use as a weight management medication. But you might lose weight while you’re taking Ozempic. That’s because the medication decreases your appetite.”

Taking to Instagram to put the claims to bed, Chantelle said: “I categorically can say that I have never taken Ozempic, I wouldn’t know where to get it from, is it a tablet? Is it an injection? I have no idea, there is no Ozempic in my life.”

The star continued: “Also people have said that I have had liposuction, someone even sent me a message saying they can see my liposuction scars, I’ve not been under the knife. I said a very long time ago when I got my breast implants taken out, that I would never ever go under the knife for vanity ever again, and the only reason I would go under the knife is for health reasons if I had any health issues."

Chantelle then went into detail about how she lost her weight and said she did it by “cutting out processed foods” and being “completely sugar free”.

She continued telling her followers: “So, yes the way that I have lost my weight is cutting out processed foods and I am completely sugar free and I just look after myself. I live a very very healthy lifestyle, go to bed very early.”

Chantelle also revealed that she usually goes to bed at 9pm but has been staying up an extra hour since Big Brother started up again. “Now Big Brother is on I go to bed at literally five past 10 when it ends”, she said.

The star finished off her video and said: “But I just wanted to clear that up and also show that you can lose weight the healthy way, but everyone is on their own journey, people like to do different diets etc, and I’ve just found the thing that suits me and first my life so there is no Ozempic, no surgery, no lipo, there’s nothing.

"It’s just me and my vegan diet that is sugar free and no processed foods.”

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