Call the Midwife heartbreak as Cyril and Lucille torn apart by ‘challenge’

Miriam Margolyes reveals her role in Christmas Call the Midwife

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Call the Midwife’s Christmas special centred around the winter wedding of Cyril Robinson (played by Zephryn Taitte) and Lucille Anderson (Leonie Elliott). While there were many moments in the special where viewers thought the couple would never make it down the aisle, they managed to say their vows on Boxing Day in the end. However, a “challenge” in series 11 could spell out trouble for the lovers. 

The heartwarming Christmas special, which marks the start of series 11, was set in London in December 1966 and focused on Lucille and Cyril’s big day. 

Meanwhile, the team at Nonnatus House were faced with “their busiest Christmas Day ever” as the maternity home was filled with expectant mums. 

Nurse Lucille feared she wouldn’t make it down the aisle after suffering a painful eye injury, but Doctor Patrick Turner (Stephen McGann) was able to save the day by treating her with bloodsucking leeches.

BBC viewers got to see Lucille dressed to the nines in a stunning white wedding gown to marry Cyril in front of their friends and family – and it even snowed. 

While the feature-length special ended on a high note, fans may need to prepare themselves for some hard-hitting and heartbreaking issues in the rest of series 11. 

Cyril star Zephryn exclusively spoke to and other media about the challenges which are in store for his character in the upcoming series. 

He teased: “There will definitely be more trials and tribulations with Lucille and Cyril as they have to navigate their marriage. 

“Is it bliss? Will it always be bliss? How do they forge together and will it strengthen their relationship? 

“There are a lot of social issues, so how do they adapt going forward?”

In the early 1960s, the NHS was in desperate need of help from outside of the country. 

So a number of women came over to England from the Commonwealth and trained as nurses – and Leonie’s character Lucille was a librarian in Jamaica before moving to London. 

Cyril works as a mechanic and made his debut on the show in the fifth episode of series eight. 

Discussing how the characters’ relationship has developed over the past few series, Zephryn said: “Lucille and Cyril’s relationship has changed quite drastically. 

“They are quite conservative individuals, so I think this is a massive statement to make. It’s about family, and it’s about solidifying yourself in a new country. 

“When we look back to that period, we can see that it’s something that still echoes down the generations. 

“We look back and see what it meant to be here and really cement yourself in a new country and try to forge a life for yourself and your future kids. So it’s monumental, really.”

He added: “It’s going to bring its challenges, as always, but I think it’s just nice to see that on-screen. 

“A marriage isn’t always bliss, but Call the Midwife is always quite comforting. 

“So the way Cyril and Lucille navigate their situation and their relationship is quite inspiring.”

Will Cyril and Lucille make it through the next year of marriage together, or will factors make it too difficult for them to carry on as a couple?

Call the Midwife’s Christmas special is available on BBC iPlayer and series 11 is set to launch in January. 

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