‘Bull’: Michael Weatherly's Bull Takes on a Murder Case, But the Details Are Murky

In an all-new episode of “Bull,” Dr. Jason Bull (MichaelWeatherly) has a complicated case on his hands. He and his team have the difficulttask of trying to figure out whether a victim is really who she says she is.Here’s everything Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows about the latest “Bull” episode.

Is Bull’s client really the victim?

In the teaser for “Bull” season 4, episode 10 (titled “Imminent Danger”), Bull discusses his case with a colleague. “This girl shot a man six times. Supposedly, he stalked her relentlessly,” he said. However, in the next scene, we hear someone say there is nothing to support the woman’s claim she was a stalking victim. “I just can’t find any evidence of that,” the woman says. “They’re starting to think she’s the stalker,” says Bull.

Bull tries to get in the holiday spirit

Bull decides to do something nice for the holidays and take on a pro bono case. Unfortunately, the case (the murder case we mentioned above) is a bit more complicated than meets the eye. The team is suspicious of the woman who committed murder. She says she was being stalked by the person she killed, but they aren’t so sure about that. Bull wants to help, but his doubts are starting to take over.

Bull comes face-to-face with a ‘grinch’

It looks like this is going to be a tough case for Bull and his team. The presiding judge has a grudge against Bull, so it will take a lot of work to convince the judge and jury their client killed someone out of self-defense. We don’t think this will be a smooth case. The judge’s grudge will likely make this an unpleasant court battle.

One thing that might give the team a boost is Marissa’s effort to host an office Christmas party. If they do have the party, that will hopefully lighten the mood around the office and take everyone’s mind off the judge who is out to crush Bull.

Taylor pursues a new romance

In this episode, we will also see Taylor (Mackenzie Meehan)pursue a new romantic relationship. In an interviewwith MEA Worldwide, Meehan said viewers will get to see more about thecharacters’ personal lives this season. “Along with the usual brilliant writingand controversial cases Dr. Bull agrees to take on, you will see more of thelives of the TAC [Trial Analysis Corporation] team outside of work,” Meehantold the publication. Furthermore, the actress says her character will beforming deeper relationships with her colleagues.

“Bull” airs Mondays on CBS at 10: p.m. Eastern StandardTime.

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