Bradley Walsh in savage jibe to The Chase contestant Blowing your trumpet

The Chase: Bradley claps back at contestant who took low offer

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The Chase host Bradley Walsh accused contestant Lilly, 21, of blowing her own trumpet after she remarked: “I didn’t know how good I was.” The player had come under fire on social media for “selfishly” going to a minus offer, meaning £1,000 was taken off the team’s total. After realising she would have got through on a positive offer, Lilly admitted she had made a mistake, when Bradley responded with the brutal swipe.

Legal assistant Lilly decided to go for the -£1,000 offer despite winning £5,000 in the cash builder round.

She commented she “wanted to get back” to the team.

But she found herself storming through the questions and regretting her decision to take a minus offer.

As she secured her place on the team and brought the winning total down from £13,000 to £12,000, Bradley commented: “Well played.”

He continued: “Very good. That’ll do us, that’ll do us.

“But it takes it down to 12…” Lilly replied: “I know – didn’t realise how good I was!”

“Mind you don’t split your lip when you’re blowing your trumpet,” Bradley hit back as the aspiring journalist laughed.

Following her decision to go with a minus offer, Tweets began to flood in to complain about the “selfish” decision.

Steve Evans wrote: “Just f***ing selfish  #TheChase.”

T penned: “Minus offer on #TheChase hope she loses.”

“I am both shocked and appalled #TheChase,” Marc Wilson commented.

“Eugh, as if she went low #thechase,” Lisa Taylor fumed.

Rookie seethed: “I like to think that if hell exists, it will be accommodating of people who take the minus offer on #TheChase.”

Lilly eventually rejoined her team, which consisted of David, 51 and Alan, 65.

Despite only building up a total of 12 points, three managed to outrun Chaser Anne Hegerty.

After gaining three pushbacks, they narrowly escaped The Governess and were able to leave with £12,000.

“Well done,” Bradley commented after Anne’s defeat.

“All about the pushbacks, Chaser needed one. Brilliant, well played. You have £12,000,  £4,000 each – nice.”

When asked what each contestant would do with the money, Lilly replied: “I’m going to train to be a journalist – yay!”

Anne commented: “They were the kind of questions you couldn’t jump in easily on… You have to wait until the end of the question and I couldn’t get any speed up.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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