Bradley Walsh has head in hands as he refuses to do terrifying stunt ‘Don’t want to do it’

Bradley Walsh attempts ‘House Running’

The Chase presenter and his son Barney faced yet another terrifying challenge on Breaking Dad. While travelling through Europe, the father and son stopped in Frankfurt to try house-walking, which involved letting themselves down a rope on the side of a building while facing the ground beneath them. 

On tonight’s episode of Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad, the father and son duo made a stop in the German city of Frankfurt after a diversion to the hometown of the Brothers Grimm. 

The challenge his son Barney had in store with him at this location was house-running.

Bradley’s first guess of what that could be was a challenge of running in and out of a house or up and down the stairs, but something much scarier was in store for him. 

They stopped in front of an unassuming building, the Leonardo Royal Hotel, which is 100 metres high. 

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Upon looking up at the building however, Bradley couldn’t miss the sight of a man walking down the side of it.

A look of absolute horror appeared immediately on Bradley’s face and it was clear he wasn’t impressed.

As the instructor reached the ground and explained the challenge, Barney joked about how they hadn’t lost anyone yet, which didn’t go over well with his dad. 

But Bradley had an even worse reaction whey they started joking that if anything bad did happen, they should rest assured there was a cemetery just around the corner.

Not at all pleased by this “German efficiency” Bradley had his head in his hands. 

But before he knew it, he found himself strapped to a rope and standing at the top of the multi-storey building. 

Trying to look for signs in the nearby planes advising him not to do it, Bradley really wasn’t up for the challenge. 

He looked extremely nervous and started panicking but decided to give it his best and try it.

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However his feelings quickly changed as he stood on the ledge. 

“No, I really don’t want to do this,” he started saying to his son. 

“I so don’t want to do this,” he kept repeating, as Barney at his side was reassuring him that he could step away at any moment and they didn’t have to go ahead if he didn’t want to. 

Ultimately though, the 60-year-old presenter decided to take that first terrifying step off the ledge of the building. 

Soon the pair quickly started having fun, making their own spoof of Mission Impossible. 

As they reached the ground, Bradley admitted they “sort of enjoyed it”.

As Barney celebrated his dad enjoying a heights challenge for the first time, Bradley assured him he didn’t “overly enjoy it”. 

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad airs on ITV on Monday 8:30pm

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