'Big Brother': 3 Curses That Could Help Predict Who Will Lose the Game

Fans have kept track of the history of Big Brother and they’ve noticed coincidences. These coincidences have been called “curses” that are believed to plague certain houseguests. The curses are something you should keep in mind when predicting who will lose the game.

1. The First to Enter Curse

Each season of Big Brother usually starts with houseguests entering the house in waves. It also seems randomly selected who is the first person to enter the house.

However, it’s believed there is a “first to enter” curse. This means the first person who enters the house doesn’t win.

The curse was technically broken on Celebrity Big Brother 2. Tamar Braxton was the first person to enter and she won the game. But some fans don’t recognize this as the curse being broken since it didn’t happen on the main show. If a houseguest is a superstitious super fan, then they should avoid being the first one to go through the doors.

2. The OTEV Curse

The OTEV curse is about the OTEV veto competition that happens once a season. It’s like musical chairs where each houseguest kneels before the OTEV statue and solves a riddle.

This tests the houseguests memory typically and they have to search through water to answer questions. If they get it wrong, then they’re eliminated.

It’s a good thing to win the Power of Veto. But fans have noticed people who win this competition don’t win the season.

Tyler Crispen on Big Brother 20, Liz Nolan on Big Brother 17, Dan Gheesling on Big Brother 14, and Ryan Quicksall on Big Brother 9 were all close by getting runner-up after their OTEV wins. But if you want the biggest prize of the game, then you should try to avoid winning this veto.

3. The second and fifth HOH Curse

Another win that hasn’t bode well is certain Head of Household (HOH) wins. The HOH title is important since the winner can select two people to go on the block to be evicted. If someone gets taken off the block, then the HOH replaces them. If the votes are tied, then the HOH can give the deciding vote.

But you might not want to win the second or fifth week of the game. That’s because no one who has won those weeks, then went on to win the game.

Daniele Briones in Big Brother 8, Paul Abrahamian in Big Brother 18, and Holly Allen in Big Brother 21 did get close after being Week 5 HOH by being runner-up. However, it wasn’t enough to actually break the curse.

Big Brother has a long history given it first premiered in 2000. So it’s not surprising people try to place a meaning behind these coincidences. Will any of the curses be broken? It’s possible since curses have been broken in the past.

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