Ben Shephard forced to repeat Tipping Point questions as player jumps in ‘Interrupted me!’

Tipping Point: Ben tells contestant ‘you interrupted me’

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Ben Shephard was back with the final episode of this week’s Tipping Point. He was joined in the ITV studio by Caroline, Matt, Trevlyn and Nigel, who were all hoping to leave with some cash – ideally the £10,000 jackpot. During the game show, Matt was asked a series of quick-fire questions and he was eager to get as many counters as possible. So much so, Ben didn’t finish have the questions before an answer was offered, forcing the host to repeat them for those watching at home. 

After the first round, it was Nigel who left the game show. 

Caroline, Matt and Trevlyn then had to answer a series of quick-fire questions from Ben in order to win counters to drop into the machine. 

During Matt’s turn, the final question Ben asked him was: “Launched in 1970, Countrylife is a brand of which dairy -“

But he was interrupted by Matt who offered “butter” as an answer. 

The presenter replied: “Correct.” 

The timer ran out and Ben continued: “You’re absolutely right, Matt.

“You interrupted me and you got five correct answers, very well done. 

Let’s just remind everybody of some of those ones you jumped in on.” 

Ben then repeated two questions he asked Matt. 

The first one was: “By definition, neuroscience concerns the study of the nervous system and which organ of the human body?

“You were absolutely banging on when you said the brain. 

“And then launched in 1970, Countrylife is a brand of which dairy food product commonly used as a spread. And it was butter,” the host said. 

“Good work that, you got in just before the buzzer and you got five correct answers, five counters to put into the machine.” 

Matt’s quick answering paid off as he was the player to get to the final. 

The categories he was faced with were film, spot, nature, food and drink, geography and history. 

He started at the top of the list and worked his way down. 

Matt was off to a great start racking up a few more hundred pounds. 

But, after winning 10 counters, Matt had moved the jackpot counter into the win zone.

Matt had already accumulated £9848 but now he was taking home £10,000. 

Tipping Point airs weekday afternoons at 4pm on ITV. 

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