Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans ‘saddened’ after Spaziani spat leads to Gabby’s exit

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 trailer from Bravo TV

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Bravo’s hit yachting reality series Below Deck Sailing Yacht returned to screens for another instalment of drama as the crew and guests cruised through the Ionian Sea. However, the crew were left one team member down this week after Gabby threw the towel in following a heated argument.

Viewers were introduced to Gabriela ‘Gabby’ Barragan when she joined the show in season three as the second stewardess onboard the Parsifal III.

While it may seem like a dream job for many, the crew had to cater to affluent and often arrogant guests while dealing with tensions among other crew members.

This was the case for Gabby after a feud she had with chef Marcos Spaziani led to a major meltdown.

Although many saw the departure coming, other fans were saddened to say goodbye to their favourite crew member.

This is the second mid charter exit to come from Below Deck Sailing Yacht this season as Tom Pearson was fired for leaving the boat in danger.

In Gabby’s case, she had frequently got into spats with stewardess Ashley Marti but, when it came to chef Marco, tensions reached uncomfortable heights.

This started when Daisy Kelliher asked the chef about charter guests’ meals and he claimed Gabby didn’t inform him when she had done so.

The chef was then giving Gabby the cold shoulder, which led to a drunken argument and Gabby crawled into Gary King’s bed.

She had a number of reasons to be upset as Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher expressed her disappointment in the stewardess.

Marti was also being cold to Gabby after telling on her to the Chief.

In the latest episode, Gabby had a second argument with the chef after she made fun of his accent.

Although she didn’t quit in the moment, the next morning she broke down in tears when talking to Captain Glenn Shephard and explained her decision to quit.

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As a result, fans took to Twitter to share their support for Gabby and disappointment at the other crew members.

@WychBa wrote: “Gabriela is very smart to leave. Trust me, you will know when it’s time to leave a bad situation if you really listen to yourself. Good luck Gabi.”

An upset @ChatterboxKeirn added: “I’m saddened that Gabriela is being made out to be this horrible person when she’s one of the most cooperative crew members on the yacht.”

Another fan, operating under the handle @SunandCoffee, stated: “I hate this so much for Gabriela.

“And especially that she’s taken so much of the burden for what was seemingly a toxic workplace.

“But so glad that she chose herself first.”

@nettiebaby102 shared: “One thing about Gabriela is that she holds herself accountable for her actions. Can’t say the same about 95% of those on franchise.”

@PLS710 tweeted: “Oh. Sad to see Gabs go, but glad she’s doing what she needs to for her health.”

@AmandasfakeID wrote: “I’m so bummed Gabi’s leaving.

“I really like her a lot, but mental health is extremely important and this boat is not a good place for her.

“I wish her all the best and know she’s gonna be amazing at whatever she does.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Captain Glenn Shephard addressed the crew members and revealed there would be new charter guests joining the Parsifal III.

In the preview for the upcoming episode, he could also be seen announcing the arrival of two new crew members to replace Gabby and Tom.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is available on Bravo in the USA and on Hayu in the UK.

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