Aussie TV host sparks uproar with crude Queen joke ‘Should be fired’

Queen: Commentator jokes about using walking stick

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It came as the Queen, 95, was seen using a walking stick during a centenary event for the Royal British Legion in Westminster Abbey. Australian breakfast show Today covered the story, and host Karl began to make jokes about the monarch using the stick to beat someone up with and went on to make some “rude” remarks.

“She was using a cane. She’s 95,” newsreader Alex Cullen told viewers.

Cutting in, Karl, 47, commented: “She’d use it to beat you up.”

Alex replied “She would win. I’d let her win. She’s 95.”

Karl carried on, adding: “Let her win – she’d smash you bro.”


“She would smash me – and then jump on me,” Alex answered the co-anchor.

Karl’s shocking comments came as he replied: “Oh – I suppose she is single!”

Viewers instantly took to social media to comment on the “disrespectful” interaction. Some went as far as calling for the presenter to be axed.

Old Bill tweeted: “Karl Stefanovic makes crude joke about the Queen using a walking stick. Stefanovic & Cullen should be fired for their rudeness, disrespect & crude insinuations, that stick is to help our 95-year-old Queen & that sort of rubbish on our TV program should be dealt with harshly.”

Charity penned: “There is nothing wrong for the queen Crown to use walking stick She is a human give her break and if she feels comfortably using the walking stick that is good.”

“Karl, please start exercising MORE, however, the Queen still looks in pretty good condition for someone of her age,” Jenny shared.

Amy added: “Can someone explain to me why the queen using a walking stick is apparently headline news.”

“She’s 95 years old ffs, would be more shocked she didn’t use some sort of walking aid at her age,” Ross argued.

The Queen has recently started to attend events again following the death of Prince Phillip, who died at the age of 99 in April.

The last time she was pictured using of a walking stick was following surgery back in 2003.

She continued to use the aid throughout the year as she recovered.

At 95, she was handed the stick during the ceremony on Tuesday.

Sources have said she was using the stick purely for her comfort as she attended the event.

The Queen is the Royal British Legion’s patron, and also attended via a shorter route to her seat, which is also thought to have been for her support.

The monarch led the nation to mark 100th anniversary of the Royal British Legion.

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