APA Won’t Sign WGA Code of Conduct, Urges Return To Bargaining Table

The Agency for the Performing Arts has added its name to the list of mid-level agencies saying they won’t sign the WGA’s new Code of Conduct. “APA has no intention of signing the WGA’s Code of Conduct, which in its current form will have a negative impact on our clients by limiting their choice, opportunities and privacy, among other things,” said Jim Gosnell, president and CEO of APA.

He also is president of the Association of Talent Agents, which the guild is suing over the impasse.

“APA has been a member of the ATA since 1962 and stands in unity with all of its members. While the WGA negotiating committee continues to hurt the very members its leadership allegedly is trying to protect; it is our sincere hope that the WGA committee will return to the table to negotiate in good faith so we can work together to bring stability back to our industry..”

The Gersh Agency and the Abrams Artists Agency, which also are ATA members, have said they won’t sign the Code either. The pledges of allegiance to the ATA comes after Verve – which is not an ATA member – signed the WGA’s Code, which bans packaging fees and agency affiliations with related production companies. The only ATA-member agency to sign the Code is Pantheon, a small agency with few writer-clients.

On Thursday, ATA executive director Karen Stuart told her members: “We must remain strong and united. Our unity speaks volumes to the WGA leadership.”

In Wake of Verve Signing, ATA Says Again That WGA’s Code Of Conduct “Hurts Agencies And Writers”

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