Ant McPartlin told off by The One Show's Alex Jones for saying 'cameraman' and excluding women

ANT McPartlin was told off by The One Show's Alex Jones last night for using the term 'cameraman' when there was a camerawoman in the studio.

The 45-year-old appeared on the BBC evening stalwart with his long-time co-host Declan Donnelly, also 45, to discuss their new 'Ant & Dec’s Making it in Media' course with The Prince’s Trust.

During the show's final segment, the beloved hosting duo were asked by Alex what other profession in media they would like to try.

"I've always quite fancied being a cameraman though. Is it as good as it looks?" Ant asked the crew, who were off-camera.

To which one cameraman was heard saying: "Better".

Dec then commented: "He's [the cameraman] having the time of his life over there.

"I've always wanted to be a director who tells the cameramen what to do
that's more me."

Laughing Ant joked: "Oh here we go. I'd be out all week when you're [Dec] the director".

To which a smiling Dec cheekily answered: "You be the cameraman and I'll boss you around."

Moments later after the presenting duo answered another question, Alex, 44, commented that their was a camerawoman in the studio not just cameramen.

"We have to point out that we have Hayley here on camera, a camerawoman," she commented.

After he was made aware of the show's camerawoman, Ant used the term more commonly used today, camera operator, and replied: "Yes exactly, camera operator, my bad".

The slip divided some viewers with one commenting on Twitter: "Apparently he should have said 'camera operator'" (sic).

While another argued: "Disappointing that it seems only men can operate cameras!

"I know it’s an old term and easily flows but surely someone should have corrected it.

"Especially when you are trying to attract young people, you should be encouraging them all. Men, Woman, Trans…".

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