American Pickers fans flood show's Twitter with demands to 'bring back Frank Fritz' after co-host was FIRED

FANS have taken over the American Pickers Twitter with their demands to "bring back Frank Fritz" after the co-host was unexpectedly FIRED.

Earlier this week the History Channel show REMOVED the axed star from the show's website, officially confirming his termination.

American Pickers took to their Twitter profile on Monday to share a photo of a Ford Model B truck that Mike discovered as they asked fans to reply with their own "dream ride."

Alongside a picture of the 100-year-old vehicle, the show wrote: "Last Monday, Mike @AmericanPicker fell in love with a 1932 Ford Model B truck in need of a major restoration which he was able to snag for $10k.

"What's your dream ride? #AmericanPickers."

However, fans seemingly ignored the question as they flooded the comments to slam the show for their "cutthroat" behavior in removing the long-time host.

"@History What are y’all thinking movin on filming w/out @FritzPicker. There is NO SHOW w/out Frank. One of last good cable shows on T.V but turnin #Cutthroat & drama fueled like #KeepnUpWithTheKardashians!" one ranted.

"Dirty move to @AmericanPicker, You know it 2, Audacity!"

Another referenced Frank's history of substance abuse, writing: "History Channel and American Pickers will have one less viewer by the way Frank was treated!

"Obviously you guys have NO understanding of addiction or alcoholism!! Letting my Recovery family know also, we're talking thousands of brothers and sisters!"

"From Portugal: American Pickers doesn't have the same quality without Frank. I would say the same in the case of Mike," a third explained.

"May the conciliation be possible, as your show is widely accepted in our country and many young people learn with you. Greetings!"

"Bring Frank back!!" a third urged, while a fourth put shortly: "No ride without Frank."

"Free Frank!" another pleaded, while a final scathed: "Where is Frank???? Mike isn’t the show! Danielle is sweet but she can’t replace or fill his shoes!"


Earlier this week, Frank, 55, was removed from the American Pickers' website bios page, as now only Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby are featured.

Danielle recently spoke out about her fired co-star, slamming him for "causing pain" and begging him "get help" after his firing.

Alongside a photo of herself with Mike, 57, she wrote: "I’m truly saddened for the loss of Frank on the show. I’m incredibly sad for his struggles.

"I have personally watched everything over the last decade. I have many thoughts but won’t speak them as they are only my thoughts, not gospel."

She continued: "I wish things could have been different but we must be accountable for our actions when we cause instability or pain and suffering to others.

"Frank caused so much pain for himself that it has been hard to watch. I truly hope Frank receives all the help he needs to become well after years of being unwell.

"It is not my place to speak Ill of someone who needs help so I will keep my comments uplifting. I’m sending love to everyone…"

Frank stepped away from American Pickers in March of 2020 so he could recover from back surgery after 10 years with the network.

Although he has expressed interest in returning to the show, the History Channel has decided to move forward with just Mike and Danielle.

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