Alan Carr jokes that booze-loving Phillip Schofield got him drunk on tequila – to seduce him

ALAN Carr has joked that booze-loving Phillip Schofield got him drunk on tequila – to seduce him

Phil and sidekick Holly Willoughby are notorious for their riotous nights on the town and funny man Alan confessed the telly host was to blame for his love of the fiery Mexican spirit.

He said: “It was Philip Schofield who got me into tequila – and we all now know why don’t we?”

Alan ended up drunk live on This Morning in 2015 after Phillip forced the host to do a tequila challenge.

He was so plastered he even forgot the name of his own show.

Alan – who is helping husband Paul Drayton battle alcoholism – joked with a theatre audience that Philip – who came out as gay last year – had designs on him.

And described tequila as the “slutty aunt” of the booze world, compared to beer’s “sensible uncle”.

Alan also revealed he quit Twitter after snowflakes roasted him in a row about a CURRY.

The Chatty Man star hasn’t posted on the platform for more than three years and he told an audience that he turned his back on the platform to avoid offending woke followers and risk harming his career.

The comic said he feared falling victim to the cancel culture.

He said: “It’s the cancel culture. You can’t say anything these days. That’s why I came from Twitter.

“I tweeted that my curry was 25 minutes late and I got people  telling me ‘oooo, first world problems’.”

The star is back on the road with his postponed National Trinket tour and told fans Leeds: “Yeah, it was. I wasn’t like I’d just walked 25 miles for water or posted ‘had a s**t harvest…just slaughtered my first born.’”

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