Addams Familys Pugsley has famous sibling who he battled sister for custody

A child star made famous by appearing in the iconic The Addams Family films quit acting and had to battle for the custody of his TV star sibling.

Jimmy Workman stole the limelight as an eight-year-old when he played Pugsley alongside Christina Ricci when they starred in the popular 1991 film, and sequels.

The pair were miserable, devious and monstrous kids of Morticia and Gomez Addams. Jimmy, who played Pugsley, was easily recognisable with his black and white striped shirt and black shorts.

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Jimmy got the role as part of the family when he was just 11 years old after going to his real-life sister Shanelle’s audition for the role of Wednesday Addams, which then went to Christina.

But while Christina and Shanelle are both still acting to this day, Jimmy, who is now 41 years old, walked away from the limelight in 2004 and started a new career.

It has been reported that he stopped acting as it "really wasn't him". He now works behind the scenes of film productions and he also represents the trade union for people working in the motion pictures industry.

But the former actor still has big connections in Hollywood with his other famous younger sister Ariel Winter.

Ariel played Alex Dunphy in Modern Family and has worked on other shows including Phineas and Ferb, The Chaperone and Elena of Avalor.

But back in October 2012, Shanelle filed to become Ariel's guardian, claiming their mother had been emotionally and physically abusive towards Ariel.

Jimmy spoke on behalf of their mother to dispute the accusations.

The following year in August 2013, Jimmy petitioned a court to be granted custody of his then-15-year-old sister, stating Shanelle was an "unfit guardian" and a poor role model.

A settlement was reached in May 2014 in which Shanelle retained custody of Winter.

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