A Place In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton shut down by guests who halt viewing early

Laura Hamilton was shut down by a guest who refused to even look around the house after being taken to a remote village in Spain.

The A Place In The Sun host was on a mission to find a dream property in the coastal town of Adra, near the Sierra Nevada, for Geoff, who was accompanied by his sister Jackie on the trip.

But she soon discovered how difficult her task was when she took them to the countryside area of Alpujarra and showed them a five-bedroom farmhouse.

On Friday's episode, Laura tries to impress the guests with the stunning mountain view by showing them the terrace.

She says: "Welcome to your stage, Jackie. Thinking about the children, you might want to put a little fence around."

Geoff looks around and frowns, saying: "I think if you are buying this house, you would have to put fencing around, yeah, especially with children, because it would be too dangerous.

"I just think it is too remote, there are no shops, no bars, no anything nearby.

"When family come here on holiday, they want to go for a walk, they want to go to a bar or a restaurant."

Laura asks: "You don't want to bring the party here? What would you like to do? Because there is a bit more of the house to see."

Geoff hesitates and explains: "I can't see the point, no."

He also adds there are "too many things stacking up".

Laura failed to get a contender for her first house hunt but luckily, was able to find Geoff his dream property, which was £7,000 over his maximum budget.

At the end, they managed to bring the price down to £130,000 and got Geoff and his family a holiday home in Berja, southern Spain.

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