A Place in the Sun’s Jasmine Harman leaves couple in tears with ‘perfect’ surprise

A Place in the Sun: Woman gets emotional over swimming pool

Wendy and Lee were looking for a rural property wth space, land and an outbuilding or garage. They were hoping to find a four bedroom property but would be willing to compromise on a three-bed if there was the potential to add another bedroom. A Place in the Sun host Jasmine Harman promised she would do all she could to find their dream property as the couple hoped to relocate their family to Spain after Wendy’s cancer battle had come to an en.

Fortunately, the search got off to a great start as the second property Jasmine presented left Wendy in tears.

The three bedroom house came with a pool and was on the market for just over £152,000.

Jasmine hinted there was a surprise in store for the couple after they had looked around the property.

Leading them into the backyard, they were presented with a large private pool, which left the couple speechless.

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Jasmine exclaimed: “Here’s ysour surprise,” as she led them into the private pool area.

“Oh wow,” Lee gasped. “What a surprise as well. We didn’t see that coming.”

“What do you think of that?” Jasmine asked the couple.

Wendy began to cry as she remarked: “Oh it’s lovely. Look at me, I’m crying.”

“Oh look at you,” Jasmine said. “You’ve come over all emotional.”

Wendy explained: “It’s perfect. It’s just really nice. It’s like Leah could be swimming.

“You just have a vision of how you want it to be and it’s just so nice.”

Jasmine continued: “Even in this weather. Why do you think it’s made you come over all emotional?”

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“I don’t know it’s just the amount of time when I was going through the chemotherapy and having to stay indoors and not get out, this is just lovely, really lovely.”

“This is the start of a new chapter isn’t it, for the whole family,” Jasmine commented.

Wendy agreed, noting for the second time it was “perfect”.

While the couple did like the pool, Lee admitted there were some issues with the property.

“You’ve done very well with this one,” he told the host.

Wendy added: “The outside, it was all about the outside, the pool is perfect.”

However, Lee pointed out: “But high up on our list was a fourth bedroom.”

Fortunately, Jasmine had a few more properties up her sleeve and they ended up putting in an offer on the third house for £140,00.

A Place in the Sun continues weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.

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