A Place In The Sun's Danni Menzies breaks down in tears as she reveals she has 'cracked' in emotional lockdown vid

A PLACE In The Sun host Danni Menzies has confessed she's "cracked" under the pressure of lockdown, with her first isolation-induced "cry."

The Channel 4 presenter, 33, took to her Instagram page and admitted she's just like the rest of us when it comes to having bad days amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Scot, who is currently subject to the UK-wide coronavirus lockdown, uploaded a candid make-up free selfie showing her in a partial scowl at the camera.

Danni had tied her hair in a bun and pulled on her dressing gown over her clothes.

She added a second snap showing her pouting at the camera as she wrote: "I’ve cracked 🤷🏼‍♀️ Had my first lockdown cry this morning while trying to do an online workout class.

"Very dramatic 😂 Literally just burst into tears and had to turn it off (sorry @loucbarton it was me, not you!🤦‍♀️)."

She followed up with: "Now I’m in bed at 3pm wearing my dressing gown over my clothes 👀👍🏻 Who’s with me?"

The property show presenter's followers were quick to offer messages of support in the comments section, with one writing: "Right there with you. It’ll be okay…we’ve got this. 💪"

Another posted: "Tomorrow is another day," while a third posted: "Lots of love Danni. This ones much tougher."

One then surmised: "Keep your chin up not be long until we get out again."

Danni has been candid in publicly addressing her feelings and recently opened up about her past struggle with depression and anxiety.

Speaking about a harrowing period of her life, Danni said: “I had an accident and someone from my childhood passed away, I think the trauma of both those things had a knock-on effect."

After trying NLP therapy, the presenter said she "came out the other side of things."

“The power of social media is amazing, there’s a lot of celebrities speaking about it so it’s a bit more talked about now and that’s actually a positive thing.”

Danni went into more detail on her blog, where she talks about the anxiety she dealt with during her first week of filming A Place in the Sun, which she started in 2016.

In the blog, she promises fans that if they are suffering, things will get easier.

She said: "The more you push yourself slowly and steadily to break those boundaries the more you conquer it and the more you beat it."

She added: "If you think you can't do it pretend to be someone else."

Off screen Danni recently launched a dating app called PitchIt with best pal Christina.

The girls said they spotted a gap in the market by matching users based on their ideas of the perfect date.

You can download PitchIt on the app store.

Watch A Place in the Sun weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.

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