A 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 29 Elimination Tracker for Everyone Too Lazy to Actually Watch

Much like the Little Engine That Could, Dancing with the Stars is still chugging along through this pandemic. And now we’ve *officially* started the process of eliminating the contestants based on votes from you. Yes, you!

We’ll be tracking which celebrity gets voted off each week because lord knows there’s nothing else on TV to engage with at the moment (other than The Masked Singer, shudder), but just a friendly reminder: if we, the people, can take the time to vote on DWTS, we can definitely take the time to vote in the upcoming presidential election, so I’m just gonna go ahead and casually…put…this….right….here….

Kay, without further ado, here’s who was voted off Dancing with the Stars this week:

The First Elimination

The celebrity and pro dancer pairs in jeopardy this week were Charles Oakley and Emma Slater + Carole “Definitely Didn’t Feed My Husband to Tigers” Baskin and Pasha Pashkov. The judges made their decision based on two weeks worth of dancing, but here’s what they were dealing with this week:

Derek Hough ended up breaking a tie between his fellow judges by saving Carole and Pasha—meaning Charles Oakley was sent home. Bummer, but at least we’ll get to see Carole wear yet another tiger-inspired costume.

As a reminder, here’s who’s left!

Due to not having much of a life, I’ll be updating this tracker every week. Stay tuned!

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