‘90 Day Fiancé’ Fans Are Calling Out Ronald for Sexist Ideas About Marriage With Tiffany

In the recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Ronald Smith loses the respect of even more fans after telling Tiffany Franco that his ideas as a man are better and that it’s his job to “lead” her. Fans believe that Ronald’s dated views on marriage are not only sexist but ridiculous too. Many fans think Ronald has shown no proof that he can “lead” anyone, let alone his wife.

Ronald and Tiffany continue to fight in South Africa

After barely getting over their Christmas tree debacle, Tiffany goes to Ronald’s mother and tells her about her and Ronald’s fights. This caused Ronald to freak out on Tiffany at the restaurant. The two end up sleeping in separate beds that night, but in the morning, the two communicate their feelings in an attempt to “get on the same level.” Ronald expressed to his wife that he feels like she doesn’t appreciate everything he’s done for her. Tiffany rebuttals, “But you don’t realize that you’re not really doing much to make me happy.”

He says that it’s hard to make her happy when he feels like he doesn’t know what to do and that he feels “out of place.” Ronald continues, “It’s like you take the belt off my pants, and you want to wear it.” That’s when Tiffany explains that her definition of him wearing the pants in the family is that she can lean on him and rely on him. She says, “You want to be the strong one? You want to be the powerful one? Then be it, but you need to stay in those shoes.” Tiffany says, “It’s not like, oh, because I’m the woman I need to change the diapers and I need to cook, and I need to clean because that’s the woman’s place.”

Ronald discusses gender roles in their marriage

Ronald and Tiffany then began to argue about gender roles in their relationship. Tiffany asked her husband, “You can cook too. What, does that make you a woman? You can clean too. Does that make you a woman?” In which Ronald replies, “No.” However, he then explains that according to the culture of being a South African man, he believes that the man should have more say in something just because he’s the man of the relationship. He said, “Being South African, being the type of man I am, it’s still at the end of the day, my decision or my whatever is a bit higher, if I can say that.”

Tiffany explains that marriage, in her eyes, should them working as a team, not Ronald being above her. Ronald tries to express to tiffany that because of his culture, having a woman tell him what to do is very different than what he’s used to. He says one on one with the cameras, “For Tiffany not giving me my place, or let me play out my role in this marriage, it makes me feel naked. Because like, what am I here for then?”

Ronald then makes an analogy about Adam and Eve that left fans scratching their heads trying to understand what he means. He says, “But the woman was made out of the rib of a man. Not out of the bone of his skeleton. Why? Because she must stand next to him. Not on top of him. So tiffany doesn’t want somebody to lead her. She doesn’t want to be guided. I want to guide her into the right way.”

’90 Day Fiancé’ fans are angry with Ronald for his dated views on gender roles

Many fans were outraged after watching Ronald’s dated views on marriage. One fan who goes by @geckocharms on Reddit wrote, “Not Ronald McDonald the Clown™ going on about how he wants to ‘lead’ his wife. Lead her to what? The casino? Prison? This man has had a life completely untouched by success but thinks because he has a c—k he has somehow has authority over his wife. This man needs to get a job at the circus.”

Another Reddit fan, @Ingenuity_Hopeful, wrote, “Watching/listening to Ronald describe this ‘philosophy’ of a mans role in the family was… making my blood boil. The worst part IMO is that he knows it’s wrong and he still wants it to play out like that. He was apologizing or saying he didn’t want it to make him look bad but that he really does believe Tiffany should be beneath him. He wants to guide her? Where to jail? Or rehab? Those are the only places he’s every been.”

Many fans are growing tired of watching Ronald use being a South African man as a cop-out for his old-fashioned views on marriage. Whether Ronald and Tiffany’s relationship will last remains to be seen. With the cultural difference, differing ideas in gender roles, and the issues surrounding money, this couple is going to have a long road ahead of them.

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