10 Coronation Street spoilers for next week – Shona cuts off a customer's hair and Gary discovers Ray's evil plan

SHONA Platt cuts off a customer's topknot next week in Coronation Street when David takes her to work and turns his back.

Here's the lowdown on what's happening next week in the ITV soap…

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1. Maria puts her plan in motion

Next week's episodes of Corrie will see Maria put together her plan to buy the barbers from Audrey. 

But she’s shocked when she discovers she has a huge credit card bill and accuses Gary of keeping it a secret from her. 

Later, Gary tells Fiz he’s going to have to cut her hours at the furniture shop due to money concerns. 

2. Gary cottons on to Ray

Later, having listened in on Gary’s conversation with Fiz, Ray appears and tells Gary he’s got a business proposition for him.

Gary is stunned when Ray then drops the bombshell that he’d like to buy the factory for £150,000.

But when Gary quizzes Kevin about why the factory rent has been increased, Kevin admits he sold the premises to Ray. 

And later, when David reveals that Ray offered to buy his house despite the huge sinkhole in the garden, Gary’s suspicions are piqued. 

3. Gary accepts Ray’s offer

Later at the bistro, Gary tells Ray that if he doubles his offer, then they have a deal. 

But given his suspicions, is Gary up to something else?

Might he be about to get to the bottom of Ray's evil scheme to destroy the cobbles?

4. Todd frames his own death 

Todd hatches a plan to get free from the gangster’s clutches and asks Eileen to wrongly identify a body at the mortuary.

Eileen reluctantly agrees and heads off to save her son's skin.

But she's overcome with guilt and backs out of their plan.

Later, Eileen returns and tells a relieved Billy that it wasn’t Todd’s body after all. 

5. Mary gets involved

Later, Eileen complicates matters further by telling Mary that Todd is alive and doing well. 

But when Mary tells George about Eileen’s involvement with Mick Costello, he warns Mary that Mick is dangerous. 

Later when Todd is visiting Eileen, Mary arrives and says George’s mate has offered to stage a mock funeral so Mick will think Todd is dead. 

6. Eileen is held at gunpoint

Disaster strikes when Mick arrives at No.11 just as Todd is searching for Eileen’s money. 

Todd hides as Mick tells Eileen that he and Todd were lovers but Todd stole from him. 

When Mick hears a noise, he realises that Todd is upstairs and holds them at gunpoint.

Will the Grimshaws escape unharmed?

7. Gary gets beaten up

Later, Mick and one of his gang turn up at the furniture store and threaten Gary, believing he’s working with Todd. 

As they drive off, they almost run over Gail, who manages to get a photo of the registration plate. 

Later, Maria is horrified to find Gary bleeding in the furniture shop. 

But where is Todd?

8. Audrey returns

Audrey returns to the cobbles for belated 80th birthday celebrations next week.

Audrey, the head of the Platt family, has had over 40 decades on the cobbles.

Viewers will see the Platts frantically preparing for the big day.

But will David be distracted by Shona's antics?

9. Shona worries David

David stops Shona just as she’s about to take Max’s medication instead of her own. 

David is gutted to realise that he can’t really leave Shona unsupervised. 

9. David calls off Shona’s party 

Things worsen when David arrives home to find a bunch of random guests in his house.

Shona is baffled when he chucks them out and announces the party is over.

10. Shona cuts a customer’s hair

Later, when Aaron cancels his visit, David is forced to take Shona to work with him. 

But Shona causes chaos when she takes a dislike to a customer in desperate need of an emergency haircut. 

David is lost for words when he realises Shona has shaved off Hugo's topknot while his back was turned.

Later, David refuses to share beds with Shona. 

Hurt, she hurls her dinner at the wall before storming out. 


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