WWE Raw: New title to be unveiled by hardcore legend Mick Foley

Mick Foley will be on Raw tonight to unveil a new championship to the WWE fans.

The announcement was made during the broadcast of Sunday night’s WWE pay-per-view event Money In The Bank but there have been no further details to date.

The fact Foley, a man synonymous with ‘hardcore’ matches, will be on Raw to present the new title has sparked speculation that WWE will be reintroducing the hardcore championship.

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May 21, 2019, 1:00am

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WWE’s hardcore title was active from November 1998 to August 2002 and operated under ’24/7 rules’, meaning it could be defended at any time.

Another inactive WWE title which could be restored could be the European title, while the Television title – a World Championship Wrestling title but one never used in WWE – could make a comeback.

The era of Becky One Belt begins

Becky Lynch survived a tough challenge from Lacey Evans to retain her Raw title Money in the Bank, but The Lady made sure Lynch was less fortunate against Charlotte Flair.

Evans attacked Lynch with the Woman’s Right in the middle of the Irishwoman’s second title defence, allowing Flair to relieve her of the SmackDown crown.

With one title left to her name, Becky returns to Raw somewhat diminished, but no less motivated. The Man threw hands with Lacey immediately following the ambush, and while Charlotte’s own rivalry with Bayley (who cashed in on The Queen moments later to win the blue jewel) is just beginning, it seems the enmity between Becky and Lacey is about to start a furious second act.

The Beast is back in town

In one of the most surprising moments in Money in the Bank history, Brock Lesnar emerged out of nowhere as a replacement to the attacked Sami Zayn and laid waste to Ali to capture the briefcase.

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