WWE champion Drew McIntyre delivers epic trolling on legendary Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson for supporting Dolph Ziggler

WWE CHAMP Drew McIntyre has trolled legendary performer Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on Instagram.

The American icon had taken to the platform to show his support for a potential future Dolph Ziggler title run.

The promotion had posted a mocked-up image of Ziggler, 39, with the WWE championship… which is currently in the possession of McIntyre.

They captioned the picture: "A glimpse into the future?"

In response to the post, Johnson, 48, weighed in: "I’d co-sign this decision 100%.

"Talented due and always has a spark in his presentations".

This didn't appear to go down well with current champ McIntyre, who took to his own account to respond.

He wrote: "It doesn’t matter what you think."

And he later doubled down, quoting a tweet about the exchange.

He added: "I said what I said."

McIntyre, of Ayr, Scotland, made history in April when he became the first-ever British WWE champion.

The 35-year-old defeated Brock Lesnar to upset the odds and claim the gold.

And from his fighting talk, the "Scottish Terminator" appears intent to hold on to his title for a while longer yet.

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