UFC chief Dana White explains why Tyson Fury fight against Deontay Wilder was ‘exactly what sport of boxing needed'

UFC president Dana White believes Tyson Fury's trilogy epic fight with Deontay Wilder was exactly what 'boxing needed'.

The bitter heavyweight rivals went to war for a third time in Las Vegas last weekend and turned in one of the best fights in the recent history of the division.

Fan favourite Fury closed the book on his rivalry with the American with a brutal 11th-round stoppage following an incredible back and forth, which blew away White.

He said: “I thought it was awesome. I think that the heavyweight fight that happened on Saturday.

"And let me just tell you this [first]: going into it, my thought process was, ‘For what, why?’ You know what I mean?

“[Joshua just got beat, and yeah why … you know why? Because boxing needed that. Boxing needed that fight.

“It was an incredible heavyweight fight. I thought both guys fought their asses off.

"And for Fury to come in at 277lbs and you know fight the way that he fought. Get knocked down, get back up and keep fighting.

“It was just, it was exactly what boxing needed. So, glad it happened and congratulations to both of them, everybody involved and the sport of boxing.”

Fury's second successive victory over Wilder has put him on course to become undisputed heavyweight champion.

And his old man, John, wants him to snub a potential Battle of Britain with Dillian Whyte to become the sole ruler of the division.

He told talkSPORT: "Would Dillian Whyte deal with Deontay Wilder? No.

"So why would I want to put him in there with my son and get him knocked out?

"At the end of the day, he just got knocked out by a 42-year-old [Alexander Povetkin].

"Tyson can't get up for them kind of fights. He wouldn't be able to raise his game because it's not big enough.

"And he goes in there with a lacklustre attitude and you don't see the best Tyson Fury.

"You only see the best of Tyson when he's against the best.

"A challenge like he had and he's in a great fight. For me, I've told him, 'Usyk or don't bother.'"


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