Tom Brady is getting roasted for wearing a big hat after a Patriots preseason game

  • The Patriots beat the Panthers 10-3 in a preseason game on Thursday night.
  • After the game, Tom Brady wore a big hat to the post-game press conference, leaving fans to make plenty of jokes at the quarterback’s expense.
  • Fans compared Brady to everyone from Cam Newton to “Simpsons” villain Lyle Lanley.
  • Brady himself was in on the joke and teased some more high-fashion choices to come in the regular season.
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Tom Brady wore a big hat on Thursday night, and the world took notice.

After the Patriots 10-3 preseason win over the Carolina Panthers, Tom Brady took to the post-game podium in a hat that was pretty much impossible not to comment on.

“I like the hat,” a reportersaid to open the presser. “Thank you,” Brady replied.

“A Cam Newton special?” the reporter asked, citing Brady’s preseason opponent on the Panthers that is known for his style andonce wore a strikingly similar hat.

“Yeah, he’s got a similar style,” Brady said. “He wears it a little better, though.”

Brady then carried on with the presser as he usually would, but on Twitter, fans were quick to come up with jokes.

Brady was in on the joke and teased an even bigger fashion update that could potentially come in the regular season.

Brady finished Thursday’s game completing eight of 12 passes for 75 yards, but fans seemed to agree that his biggest highlight was his post-game hat.

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