Swansea unveil special new club badge for 2021/22 season in nod to John Toshack but fans are split over design

SWANSEA have unveiled a new badge for the 2021/22 Championship season – but fans are split on the design.

The crest is being used to mark the 40th anniversary of John Toshack leading the team to the top-flight for the first time ever.

It shows a swan sitting on top of the castle from the city’s coat of arms and will feature on the home, away and goalkeeper shirts for the upcoming campaign.

A similar design appeared during the early 1980s and again in the 1990s.

A description of the new badge on the club website reads: "The new design is an updated, modernised representation of that crest, which supporters will remember was also used as the club badge on Swansea City’s jerseys between 1992 and 1997.

"But the decision to return to a version of the design is meant as an acknowledgement and homage to a golden era in Swansea’s history with the likes of Alan Curtis, Robbie James, Leighton James, Wyndham Evans, Jeremy Charles and Nigel Stevenson among those to play starring roles in the early 1980s."

The new design was on the whole well received by fans on social media.

But there were still a few who were NOT big fans.

One wrote: "It's a thing of beauty, guys. A thing of beauty."

Steve Bowen-Wilkie posted: "Whoever organised this needs a pay rise. Perfect."


Rhys MacMillan described it as a 'stunning badge', Jack Hunter labelled it 'so nice' and Tim Morgan added that it was 'a 100% inmprovement'.

'Stunning', 'class' and 'art' were some of the positive comments coming its way.

But Brandon Beckett wasn't a fan, describing how it 'looks like a PES badge'.

Martyn Hughes added: "Not a fan, we changed it for our 100th why change it again?"

And another Swans fan wrote that it was 'bloody horrible' and added that 'at least that saves me money from buying a shirt'.

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