Superflex leagues give quarterbacks the fantasy value they deserve

The Madman is known to have a crutch – his reliance on Batman analogies. But hey, if it works …

To wit, our fantasy ideology could be considered a “Batman Begins”-type — we want it grounded and real, as close to reality as possible.

Thus, we are annoyed by how little value fantasy quarterbacks have. The most important position in the real-world game can easily be managed using late draft picks in fantasy. This bothers us. Granted, it’s not a “Batman & Robin”-level angry, that is reserved for PPR. But maybe “Batman Forever” annoyed.

There are a couple of solutions to this internal squabble: two-QB or Superflex leagues. And note, there is a difference. Two-QB leagues require every team to start two QBs every week. If you’re in a league with more than 10 teams, that gets quite difficult, particularly when everyone also is drafting backups to cover bye weeks.

That’s why we prefer Superflex. This format adds a Flex position to rosters than can be filled with a QB, running back, wide receiver or tight end. So you are able to start two QBs, but you aren’t required. This gives you more draft flexibility. It creates enhanced value without prompting the manic urgency to get QBs with your first two picks.

Now, that said, we are completely on board with taking Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson with your first two picks in a Superflex. But chances are, you won’t get the chance. They both likely will be gone by the time you get to the end of the first round.

What we would advise in these types of leagues is to get two QBs in the first third of the draft. And it is OK to take them back-to-back. Ideally, we want two who are in the Matt Ryan/Aaron Rodgers tier or better. Note: Pay attention to bye weeks. You don’t have to start a QB in your Superflex spot every week, but that is your goal, so plan accordingly so your top two QBs aren’t off the same week.

Later in the draft, look for a backup of the Baker Mayfield/Sam Darnold variety, unless a Ben Roethlisberger or Matthew Stafford fall to a convenient draft spot.

We don’t recommend gambling on unknowns this season in any format, but if you are determined to do so – you think Joe Burrow is the next Mahomes, or you think Tua Tagovailoa is going to change the game – make sure you do it as a backup option, and plan ahead by drafting starting QBs who have late bye weeks (Tom Brady is Week 13; Josh Allen is Week 11; Dak Prescott, Ryan and Mahomes are Week 10). That way you give your rookie some time to get up to speed, after having virtually no offseason outside of virtual meetings.

So try out a Superflex league. Put it in your utility belt. It is the closest working fantasy model we have to real-world QB value.

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