Smaller is better as Giants abandon super shot tactics

The Giants are set to abandon their super shot game plan in an effort to rake in single points, after Australian captain Caitlin Bassett controversially warmed the bench twice last week.

Midcourter Jamie-Lee Price say her side have decided to steer away from a two-point game in favour of confident shots under the post.

"A few games we've gotten so caught up with trying to take the two points, where if we had just scored ones … sometimes the one point is the better option," said Price, who will play her 100th game against the Melbourne Vixens on Tuesday.

Ahead of her 100th game, midcourter Jamie-Lee Price said the side has made the decision to steer away from a two-point game and instead focus on confident shots under the post.Credit:Narelle Spangher

The Giants are coming off two straight wins after a slow start to the season and now sit in fifth, but face one of their toughest tests yet against the Vixens at Nissan Arena.

"When you're winning it's a lot better and a lot easier being away from home," Price said.

The game precedes a match-up between the second-place Swifts and the Magpies at 7.30pm.

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