Mike Tyson says fans with ‘weapons and guns’ demand selfies even though boxing legend has a team of massive bodyguards – The Sun

MIKE TYSON claims he has to fight off fans armed with "weapons and guns" as they demand selfies.

The former heavyweight champ hired a squad of beefy bodyguards to protect him from crazed supporters…but that does not stop them.

He suggests fans often get into fist fights and even brandish weapons if they are unable to get that all important picture with their hero.

Tyson said: "These guys have got weapons and guns, they want to take pictures – and you are going to say: ‘No you are not going to take a picture'.

"I tell the guards, I am like, ‘Let them take a picture.’

"There are about 45 of them (waiting in line).

"That is what I am worried about. That is just crazy.

"There are a lot of thirsty people.

"I thought that because I had big ­bodyguards that it would scare people. But no."

Tyson is currently putting himself through his paces as he lines up a sensational return to boxing aged 54.

Iron Mike looks in incredible shape with a potential professional or exhibition bout on the cards.

It is not the first time he has opened up about his security team as he previously revealed he used to dodge his bodyguards to meet up with "real nasty girls".

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