Married Premier League star fathered my baby and texted me from his WEDDING

A MARRIED Premier League star fathered a baby during a secret two-year fling with an event hostess.

The ace even texted Jaqueline Sousa, 33, from his wedding.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun on Sunday, she reveals she fell pregnant with his daughter, now nine months.

Jaqueline sent a legal letter to the star’s club last month informing him she had filed a paternity claim seeking maintenance payments.

She also says the ace paid for wifi on his honeymoon plane so he could ­continue messaging her.

Event hostess Jaqueline, 33, said: “He texted me all the time, even during his wedding ceremony and party. I broke up with him the night he got married because it was just too much to handle for me.

“I spent all my energies on him. I was exhausted mentally and physically. I told him that in a text.

“His brother even texted me to say that he (the player) was very anxious during the wedding because he was thinking about me.

He texted me all the time, even during his wedding ceremony and party.

“Then on the plane to his honeymoon he kept messaging me. He bought extra data for his phone.

“He said he wanted to be sure that when he got back I would still be there for him, for us.

“He swore his eternal love to me, he wrote to me that he would love me for the rest of his life. He told me I’d have my own apartment and I would never leave him.

“To make amends he paid for me to have a five-star holiday with my best friend during the week of his wedding, probably thinking that it would’ve made me think about other things but it didn’t happen. My mind was on his marriage.”

The player wed in summer 2019. After his honeymoon he immediately started messaging Jaqueline again. She said: “He said he loved me and tried to reassure me the marriage didn’t mean anything.

“He said his feelings for me would never change. I was truly in love with him.

“In those few months (after the wedding) I went to see him he treated me like his girlfriend and, also, I had to tell everyone that I wasn’t single, that I was in a relationship, no matter what his sentimental situation was.

“He was very jealous, like a real boyfriend. I couldn’t even go out for dinner without him. He kept sneaking away to make love to me.”

In late 2019 she fell pregnant, telling him a few weeks later.

She said of his reaction: “I was shocked, mostly because I didn’t think he would take it so badly, since he was the one who talked about us having children together.

“We tried to agree that he was not going to be physically present in the baby’s life but that he was going to financially contribute to help me with raising this baby.

“During this period, three months into my pregnancy, his partner found out I was expecting.

Relay of England star Kyle

By Nick Pisa

THE footie rat joins England’s Kyle Walker in secretly fathering a child with their mistress.

The Sun on Sunday told last year how Man City star Kyle, 30, got Lauryn Goodman pregnant — devastating his long-term partner Annie Kilner.

Annie, 27, who has three sons with the player, said: “He’s a fool for risking his family for this.

“When he told me my world caved in on me.”

Reality star Lauryn, 29, gave birth to Kairo Walker last April.

Kyle and Annie broke up but got back together last summer.

She had a brief romance during the split.

Kyle later proposed. Their relationship has remained turbulent although they are now said to be together.

“From then he acted as if I never existed and we never met. He never looked back or tried to reach me, asking how I or the baby was, if I was alone or with my family.

“I was alone. I thought I was in a fairytale but it turned into a nightmare. I hit the most painful moment of my life. Depression hit me so hard and I lost my job too.


“My heart was broken, again, but this time I had to pick up the ­pieces all by myself.

“The person I loved the most was the one who destroyed me, who never called or showed interest in how I was doing with the pregnancy and, of course, didn’t give me any financial help for all the doctor appointments.

“I didn’t know how to move on, it was just so painful.

“Six months into the pregnancy a person that works for him finally got in touch and offered me a financial deal for the last trimester, until the date of birth.

“This financial aid was just to prevent me from talking to anyone about this story, to not make me do anything to damage his football career, which was and still is more important than his baby and me.

“The deal we agreed was that he’d give me a set amount but I was never to say who the father was.

“Even these negotiations were a joke. He was offering me a poor amount. He said he had investments to make and that was all he could spare. I said, ‘Hold on, a child is an investment as well and when young they cost money’.

“I admit the financial offer made me believe that it was him showing interest in the pregnancy and that maybe one day we would have got an agreement that was right for our baby. But from the day of the birth of our girl he cut me out of his life completely.

“That’s why I decided to hire a lawyer and together we tried to contact him to do a paternity test.

“He made some excuses to take time and not do the test. It has still not been done. Since he had the opportunity to show up and collaborate he did nothing about it, not even a routine DNA test.

I thought I was in a fairytale but it turned into a nightmare.

“I then decided to find a judge who’ll decide what is right. So recently I filed a legal paternity claim and my lawyers sent a legal letter addressed to him to his club informing him of the action.

“He has never asked how the baby is, asked for a picture or how I am. He’s just disappeared.

“He has revealed himself to be completely different to the person I first met. I’ve been looking back at the messages he first sent me, how he loved me, how he’d never leave and would be at my side for ever.

“He was with me when it suited but as soon as I was pregnant he left me to fend for myself. I feel really used. But I don’t need him. I’m happy with my baby and myself. It’s his loss.’’

Jaqueline revealed how the star even invited her and pals to join his stag weekend. She said: “It was an absurd idea. My heart was broken. I was still so in love with him.

“We spent the best part of a week together but kept arguing about his marriage coming up.”

She revealed the affair started after the player messaged her online in 2018.
They exchanged sex texts for almost a year before meeting at a hotel.

She had no idea he was engaged until later into their affair. She said: “He treated me like his woman and wanted to be with me so much.

“I knew he had a girlfriend, which is why I wasn’t sure if I should have kept seeing him or not, even though I felt a strong connection with him that I couldn’t avoid.


"He used to tell me to not be worried about his relationship, because it was coming to an end.

“Foolishly I believed him. I thought, ‘Well, he must be about to finish it’ as they were going through a rough patch. We went for dinner and I asked him. I found out he had known her for years. He said it was nothing serious.”

The player would tell his partner he was training or playing, but instead he was wooing Jaqueline. She said: “Almost every day after training we saw each other.

“We had lunch in a fancy restaurant or he’d come to mine.

“He’d make ridiculous excuses, saying he was away training or getting treatment or team building.

“I was amazed by his attention. He spent more time with me than her. He told me that what we had wasn’t just love but a connection, the strongest connection he had ever experienced. He was acting as if his partner didn’t exist.

“He invited me to a stadium to watch him play and gave me the seats on the opposite side of her. I don’t know why but even though she had been warned about me various times, she never interrupted the relationship or told me to stop seeing her man.

“From what I’ve heard through friends, she knew what was going on but he convinced her there was nothing serious happening.”

Jaqueline is getting on without the ace and enjoying bonding with their nine-month-old daughter.

  • WE have changed Jaqueline’s surname for legal reasons.

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