Manny Pacquiao hints at retirement after Yordenis Ugas fight following Errol Spence injury

Manny Pacquiao has suggested he could retire following his fight with Yordenis Ugas and vowed to produce a “spectacular performance”.

The legendary Filipino will fight Ugas after Errol Spence Jr pulled out of the fight due to an eye injury.

The 42-year-old will defend his WBA welterweight world title in Las Vegas next weekend and has now suggested his 72nd professional fight could be his last.

“I feel great. My team has full confidence in my capabilities even at 42 years old and they note that I still have what it takes to face elite caliber opponents,” Pacquiao told Betway Insider US.

“Although the recuperation period of a 42-year-old may not be the same as a 25-year-old fighter, I still love what I am doing. I’m enjoying training and I’m learning more about myself everyday.


“Everything is top secret, of course. I’m training and challenging myself daily and I am inspired to perform at my best owing to the fact that this might be my last fight.

“I’ve never given predictions. I always climb the ring ready and prepared for everything.

“Everything is at stake as this might be my last fight. I might as well finish the race with a spectacular performance.

“Legacies are subjective to the minds of the fans. Of course, a win for me after so long out would be very grand for my country and family.”

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