Kelly Stafford is 'right where the doctors need her to be,' husband Matthew Stafford says

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford’s wife announces she has brain tumor, will undergo surgery

Kelly Stafford, the wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, announced via Instagram Wednesday that she has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and will undergo surgery to have it removed later this month. Stafford wrote that she is ‘terrified’ and has asked for prayers in her time of need.

Kelly Stafford is “right where the doctors need her to be” following her brain surgery, her husband Matthew Stafford told a Detroit radio station Thursday.

Kelly Stafford underwent surgery in April to remove a brain tumor and was forced to go back into the hospital just days later because of massive headaches she was experiencing. Matthew Stafford, who is the Detroit Lions’ quarterback, opened up to “The Mitch Albom Show” about his wife's health.

“She’s doing good. I think she’s kind of right where the doctors want her to be at this point in her recovery, but we appreciate everybody’s well wishes, thoughts, prayers, all that. People have been really supportive and I know she and I both really appreciate it,” Stafford said.

The quarterback added he and his family were overwhelmed by the support they received during their tough time, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“I’m a little bit more used to people from all over kind of either being involved or knowing what’s going on in our life, but I think for her it was awesome and I know she leaned on it a lot, so it was great,” he said.

Earlier this month, Kelly Stafford shared the details of her brain surgery and thanked Dr. B. Gregory Thompson, a surgeon at the University of Michigan hospital, and other doctors for successfully performing the operation.

“I honestly don’t know where to start. This is him, the man God chose to remove my brain tumor. After my diagnosis, Matthew and I visited doctors all over the US. He made it a super easy decision after we met Dr. Thompson @ the U of M hospital,” Stafford captioned in a photo with the doctor and her husband.

She wrote that Thompson not only had performed about 2,000 acoustic neuroma cases but reminded her of her father. She said that Thompson “truly cared” and was “empathetic” to her situation.

“The 6 hr surgery turned to 8, then 10, then 12 hrs & he was constantly updating Matthew throughout. When he opened me up, he saw an ‘anomalous’ artery that is normally not there. In his 2000 cases, he had seen it ONE other time. BUT bc it was so rare, he & his team wrote a paper on it for other surgeons,” she wrote.

She also thanked him for his patience, especially when it came to her hearing.

“He took his time & was patient. There was a moment when they thought I might have lost my hearing completely. He made everyone & everything stop, they all sat, & waited for some time.. the audio wave returned. His patience saved my hearing, as well as my face. You read right, he PRESERVED MY HEARING!” Stafford wrote.

Stafford documented her surgery and recovery through multiple Instagram posts. She said she would “forever be in debt” to Thompson and his team of doctors, to which she described as a "dream team" like the "'92 [Chicago] Bulls.'"

Kelly and Matthew Stafford married in 2015. They have three daughters, 2-year-old twins and an 8-month-old.

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