Jack Grealish's girlfriend Sasha Attwood is Exceptional, Elegant and very Expensive, says first footie WAG Suzi Walker

BRITAIN’S first footie Wag has tipped Jack Grealish and Sasha Attwood to become the new king and queen of the game.

Suzi Walker says Sasha reminds her of a young Victoria Beckham, oozing the classic E-Type Wag characteristics: “Exceptional looks, elegance and expensive taste.”

But Suzi, who was married to ex-England and Spurs goalie Ian Walker for 13 years, had a warning for the £100milion Man City ace and his model partner about the fickle nature of life in football’s spotlight.

She said: “One minute they treat you like Pele, the next minute they treat you like you play for Peckham Town.”

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, Suzi added: “If they can keep their feet on the ground, there’s no reason why Jack and Sasha can’t be the new king and queen of footie.

“Sasha is very, very pretty and Jack is very good looking with his headband and cheeky grin. He’s got it all going on and between them, they’ve got the whole shebang — exceptional looks, elegance and expensive taste.
“At the start of our relationship, Ian was new on the scene and very good-looking, like Jack Grealish.

“I can see the similarities, like I can see the similarities with Beckham. Maybe it’s the floppy hair.

“Half of me thinks, good luck to them, but half of me thinks you have no idea what you’re letting yourself in for. Being a superstar football couple is a mad journey.”

‘Robbie Savage’s wife never said hello to me’

The pair have been dating on-and-off since meeting as teens in Solihull, West Midlands. Online clothes giant BooHoo this week handed 25-year-old Sasha a major deal to promote the fashion brand after it signed up Jack, 26, in June.

The Sun this week hailed the couple as Sash and Jacks, revealing how they have everything to become as big as the Beckhams.

Suzi’s roller-coaster Wag journey started in the mid-Nineties, when her childhood sweetheart Ian broke into the Spurs team and they were soon being pictured on red carpets.

Today Suzi, 50, lifts the lid on her experiences of the Wag world — including the cliquey nature of the England major ­tournament bubble, being shunned because Ian played badly and how the Leicester City’s players’ lounge was once the most hostile to visit.

She broke on to the scene in 1994, when Ian was playing for Tottenham and she was an aspiring model. She said: “I wasn’t really interested in football, but I loved chatting with all the other Wags in the players’ lounges. It was an incredibly glamorous life of lots of jewellery, lots of bags and lots and lots of glamour, which at that age I really craved.

“But things went ballistic when Ian got into the England squad. While we were pretty well known, the absolute king and queen of the scene were David and Victoria. Everyone was desperate to be accepted into their inner circle.

It was an incredibly glamorous life of lots of jewellery, lots of bags and lots and lots of glamour, which at that age I really craved.

“Victoria and I got on well, so we were invited to loads of parties at Beckingham Palace. Their house was beautiful and they were amazingly glamorous affairs. You’d spend all day getting ready, choosing your best dress and getting your hair, nails and make-up done.

“We went to Brooklyn’s naming party and loads of murder mystery events and had lots of evening dinners too during the international tournaments like the Euros in Portugal in 2004.

“Victoria was really down to earth and good fun, although all the other Wags got very competitive about getting an invite."

But it wasn’t always champagne, long lunches and days in the salon. If a Wag’s husband had a bad game or was dropped from the England squad or their club side, life very quickly became much harder. Suzi said: “When that happens, you’re straight out of the loop, and only one or two of the wives have ever contacted me since.”

“I remember Ian once let a shot bounce over him in an England match, which they lost, and one of the other wives came over to me and said, ‘We would have won if it wasn’t for your husband’. I was gobsmacked, as I would never say things like that to anyone. Most of the wives were nice, but you did get a bit of bitchiness.

“If a new player joined, I’d always make an effort to welcome their partner, like I did with Dennis Wise’s wife when he joined Leicester, but not everyone was as friendly.” And she claimed: “When I was there, Robbie Savage’s wife didn’t say hello or acknowledge me. Not even in the toilets. Because of the atmosphere, Leicester was always a player’s lounge that girls wanted to avoid but I remember Spurs being the friendliest. They were always so lovely there.”

It’s tough living in that sort of spotlight.

Suzi, who divorced Ian in 2007 and married bank trader Mark ­Pitman three years ago, said one of the stand-out moments for her was going to Portugal with the other Wags while Ian played for England in Euro 2004.

She said: “It was a great bonding experience. We went out to Italy before as a group to get to know each other then got really close in Portugal, spending the days by the pool in our fancy ­bikinis or having spa treatments and massages and shopping, all marshalled by Victoria Beckham.

"She was definitely in charge then. Coleen Rooney was there but was just a kid. She was so innocent and young when I first met her. She was still a teenager and has this lovely Liverpool accent. I got on really well with Joe Cole’s wife Carly when we were there. One thing I remember was how it could become quite cliquey.

“Sometimes you had to wait to find out if you’d been invited to dinner. If you hadn’t had a message by 5pm it meant you hadn’t.” But Suzi’s advice to Sasha and Jack is to enjoy the high life while they’re riding the crest of the wave — as it can all come crashing down.

She said: “It’s fun when you are their age, with lots of lovely homes and lovely cars and holidays. But it’s tough living in that sort of spotlight. You’re always worried as a Wag that someone even prettier will come along at any moment, so all I’d say to Sasha is, ‘Be yourself, be kind — don’t be ruthless and don’t get ideas above your station’.

“I hope Jack’s got good people around him or they’ve got no chance. But Jack and Sasha seem very much in love and a sweet couple so I hope they stay together. But only time will tell.

“Maybe there will be a wedding in a couple of years. If not, we’ll all be back here talking about where it all went wrong. Good luck to them.”

Below, Suzie rates how some other star Wags and players stack up . . . 

Jack & Sasha

WAG RATING (5): Handsome boy, and she is a very beautiful model. It doesn’t get any better.

GLAM FACTOR (5): She looks immaculate, and what girl doesn’t love Jack’s hairband look? My daughter Cameron thinks he is gorgeous.

SUZI SAYS: “Half of me thinks, ‘Wow they’ve got such a bright future’, and the other thinks, ‘You’ve no idea what you’ve got coming’.”

David & Victoria Beckham

WAG RATING (5): Still the reigning champions but maybe not for long with Jack and Sasha on the scene.

GLAM FACTOR (5): Victoria is always immaculate and her style is amazing. David is an incredibly good-looking guy. They’re a tough act to follow.

SUZI SAYS: “They were always super- nice to us, but we’ve lost touch now.”

Steven & Alex Gerrard

WAG RATING (4): Steven’s not brash and arrogant but is a good family man. Alex is a lovely person and stunning.

GLAM FACTOR (5): Alex is beautiful inside and out. They’re not quite Posh and Becks but definitely not far behind.

SUZI SAYS: “Steven was very focused during tournaments, so we didn’t spend much time on big nights out.

Ashley & Cheryl Cole

WAG RATING (3): Their relationship didn’t last but they were both gorgeous. I can’t give them top marks as I’m not sure Ashley has big charisma.

GLAM FACTOR (5): It’s impossible not to give Cheryl a five.

SUZI SAYS: “I met Ashley a few times but he was with someone else by then. I think Cheryl could have done better.”

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