Hasbulla Magomedov finds a new opponent 'Tain' to take on after 'Mini Khabib's' controversial bout with Abdu Rozik

TIKTOK star Hasbulla Magomedov has been called out by new rival 'Tain'.

The popular Russian internet star is set to make his fighting debut against Abdu Rozik in the coming days.

But his manager Asxab Tamaev may have already found him his next fight.

Hasbulla, 18, has a condition called Growth Hormone Deficiency, or GHD.

The condition affects the pituitary gland, which produces many of the body's hormones.

Dubbed 'Mini Khabib', Hasbulla, standing at around 3ft 3in, hasn't let this stop his dream of fighting, however, and he will face Abdu – who has the same condition.

According to Tamaev, Hasbulla's next challenger goes by the name of 'Tain', and weighs 32kg.

Tain is used to training and working out, and a video shared by Tamaev shows him looking pretty handy in the gym.

Accompanying the video of Tain posted to his YouTube channel, Tamaev wrote: "Friends, today I interviewed the new fighter, Tain.

"During the conversation, he challenged Hasbulla and commented on the upcoming fight between Abdurozik and Hasbik.

"Tain is quite confident in his abilities and he is ready to start the press conference right now.

"But this is not surprising, so why be afraid if he can lift his body weight – we have clearly checked this in the gym."

On when Hasbulla will finally face Abdu, Tamaev added: "Everyone asks when the fight will take place!!

"Khasbulla and Abdrouzik [sic] needed time to prepare. They are READY. In 3-4 days there will be a BATTLE!"

Asked by Tamaev who he'd most like to fight out of Conor McGregor, Henry Cejudo or Logan Paul, Hasbulla was assertive in his response.

He said: "I want to punish this one [Conor McGregor]. He talks too much."

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