Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers makes ‘Game of Thrones’ series finale predictions

Like so many who are breathlessly awaiting a final visit to the Seven Kingdoms on Sunday night, "Game of Thrones" superfan Aaron Rodgers can't wait to see how HBO's highly popular fantasy series concludes.

"I hope in typical 'Thrones' fashion, it ends with a couple twists that you don't expect," Rodgers, the Green Packers' two-time NFL MVP quarterback, told USA TODAY Sports.

"As a lover of the twists in a show like this, I just think it'd be cool to have someone we don't expect maybe sitting on that Iron Throne in the end."

Rodgers himself had a cameo in the show's penultimate installment, "The Bells," when — spoiler alert!! — Daenerys Targaryen and her dragon, Drogon, reduced King’s Landing to an ash heap.

Super Bowl XLV MVP Aaron Rodgers (Photo: Jeff Hanisch, USA TODAY Sports)

"I had a blast being over in Belfast and spending a day on set," said Rodgers, who met actress Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) and the "Thrones" writing team.

"Fun atmosphere. It's been a great show. So many people love it, and I think the beauty of it is kinda like with 'Lost' — which is another one of my favorite shows — so many opinions about the episode, and how people think it should end.

"It was definitely a surprise some of the things that happened (in 'The Bells'), Dany really turning into the Mad Queen."

Will Daenerys or Jon Snow wind up on the Iron Throne? Rodgers believes that outcome might be too obvious — though he'd hate for the death of one of his favorite characters, Jorah Mormont (Daenerys' faithful servant) to ultimately prove "inconsequential" to the outcome.

"It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that something crazy involving Bran or Tyrion might happen," Rodgers said.

"I would expect a lot of deaths for main characters, I mean that's kind of the 'Thrones' way."

He also speculated that characters who have been sidelined — maybe Bronn or Yara Greyjoy — could have eventful returns … though he also originally thought Varys might have a bigger part to play (not so much).

But when pressed for a prediction? How about Sansa Stark, who went to the Packers in the USA TODAY NFL desk's "Game of Thrones"/NFL mock draft incidentally.

'Game of Thrones' mock draft: Where your favorite characters might fit in NFL

"I could see that happening for sure," said Rodgers. "She's gonna needs some help from the other Starks. Sansa's got to be a pretty good bet."

Rodgers spoke while promoting Bose Frames sunglasses, the latest and greatest product from the NFL's official speakers.

"Now you can wear your sweet shades and listen to music at the same time instead of having headphones on," said Rodgers of the shades, which have speakers built into them.

"They definitely think of everything."

Hopefully he'll feel the same about the "Game of Thrones" series finale.


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