England legend John Barnes accuses Brits of 'BULLYING' Qatar

England legend John Barnes accuses Brits of ‘BULLYING’ Qatar – and says they ‘wouldn’t dare do the same’ to Hitler’s Nazi Germany – as he tells fans to ‘stop lecturing’ the World Cup hosts over human rights in a bizarre rant

  • John Barnes accused British people of ‘bullying’ Qatar over their human rights
  • The ex-Liverpool and England star thinks Brits need to ‘stop lecturing’ the nation
  • He said fans ‘wouldn’t dare do the same’ to Nazi Germany in a rant on Twitter
  • Barnes hinted England should not host tournaments because of discrimination
  • He thinks fans should focus more on the UK police’s treatment of black people  

England and Liverpool legend John Barnes has accused the British public of ‘bullying’ Qatar in a lengthy rant on social media.

Barnes, 59, told fans from western countries to ‘stop lecturing’ the World Cup hosts on their human rights record via social media on Thursday, bizarrely suggesting that they ‘wouldn’t dare do the same’ to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Qatar’s anti-LGBTQ+ laws and alleged mistreatment of migrant workers has prompted the British public – as well as many other countries competing in the competition – to criticise the country and FIFA in the hope of inspiring change. 

Barnes, who thinks the British viewpoint is hypocritical because of discrimination against black people in the UK, told Times Radio earlier this week that people should respect the culture, law and religion of Qatar.

As the public questioned his opinions on social media, Barnes hit back with a lengthy rant in defence of the host nation.

He posted: ‘Of course I don’t believe in Qatar’s values regarding their anti gay laws. So lets protest in our own country and camp outside the Qatari embassy if you want, but no one has a right to go to someone else’s country and do what we are doing there. WE wouldn’t accept it in ours! 

‘Shall we lecture Man City and Newcastle fans as well and call their female and gay fans traitors for supporting and paying towards a despotic regime? Or just Qatar?

John Barnes has accused the British public of ‘bullying’ Qatar over their human rights record

 The ex-England international believes Brits should respect Qatar’s views on homosexuality

‘When the premier league restarts in a month or so, I wonder what the BBC’s coverage is going to be like at St James’ Park and Etihad Stadium, Manchester as both those clubs are OWNED by countries whose laws are just like Qatar’s? Let’s see those pundits act in the exact same way!’

Barnes continued to argue that it is mainly European countries, like Britain, campaigning against Qatar’s views at the World Cup.

The former Watford, Liverpool and Newcastle winger went on to say that people ‘wouldn’t have dared’ speak out against Hitler in the same way they have in Qatar. 

‘The world HASN’T got an agreed upon set of human rights,’ he continued. ‘The WEST has, and forced other countries to sign it, but its not as simple as that. If that were the case, why are the vast majority of countries at the World Cup not protesting lime the Europeans?

The Qatar World Cup has been the subject of controversy over the country’s anti-LGBTQ laws

‘What do you think Hitler would have done to foreigners in the stadium in Berlin doing what’s going on in Qatar? Didn’t dare to then did they, but we can bully Qatar so we do! Don’t remember many British dissenters in the Olympic stadium in Germany?!?’

As the back and forth on Twitter continued, prompting social media users to question why Barnes had made the comparison between Hitler and Qatar, the 59-year-old replied: ‘Hitler wanted to dominate Europe and we ignored him and let him do what he did. 

‘Qatar has no intentions of the sort but we go there and criticise them? And then use Hitler as an example as to why we need to go to Qatar and criticise them, then blame for bringing Hitler up?!?

‘I would encourage us to deal with our own problems here towards who are supposed to be our own people, BEFORE I point the finger elsewhere and put pressure on the others who pretend to believe what you do. (You’ll be shocked at the result).’

Barnes hit out at those attempting to lecture Qatar in a lengthy rant on social media 

The Liverpool legend urged that people ‘wouldn’t dare do the same’ to Adolf Hitler out of fear

During his interview with Times Radio earlier this week, Barnes hinted that England should not have hosted parts of Euro 2020 last year because of the UK police’s mistreatment of black citizens. 

‘You can be criminalised for being black in England,’ he said. ‘Should we have the Euros here? Black people are being stopped every day in the streets. They’re being stopped in their cars, they’re being arrested for being black.

‘When the police arrest black people for being black, is that lawful? So it’s the police that are acting unlawfully, when they stop black people in the streets. 

‘Which country is worse? The country where the authorities act unlawfully against people when it’s against the law to discriminate against them, or in Qatar where it’s against the law to be gay. And I can tell you, gay people aren’t being arrested in Qatar for being gay.’

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