Do people in Maryland put Old Bay seasoning on grits? People on Twitter are divided

Cheesy grits. (Photo: Larry Olmsted for USA TODAY)

How do you like your grits?

It’s common to season the warm breakfast porridge with salt and pepper. Some use butter, milk and even cheese to make them thick and creamy. But what about adding Cajun-inspired spices to the mix?

People on Twitter are split. 

During an interview with American rappers Young Dolph and Key Glock, Viceland contributor Trey Smith said he adds Old Bay seasoning to everything, including grits. His revelation shocked the two musical guests.

“I’m from Maryland, we put Old Bay on everything,” Smith proclaims. Dolph and Glock were collectively flabbergasted. The banter and reaction to savory grits sparked a debate on Twitter about which ingredients belong in grits, and which should be left in the kitchen cabinet.

Oh, yuck! You’re eating about a credit card’s worth of plastic every week

“If you try to serve me grits seasoned with Old Bay or sugar…I’m calling the police,” one person tweeted. “I can see putting old bay if it was shrimp and grits but not just on the grits itself,” said another. 

Lmao I’m from maryland and never met anyone that puts old bay in their grits ??

Some people from Maryland rebutted Smith’s claims, saying they do not put the blend of herbs and spices on grits. 

“I’m from Maryland and Old Bay goes on MOST foods but grits ain’t it!” tweeted @TechieByNature. 


Others said that sugar, another polarizing ingredient, “belongs on grits” but Old Bay does not. “How y’all put Old Bay on grits tho and got the nerve to turn your nose up at sugar?” said @Trap_Jesus. 

Y’all have been whining about sugar this whole time meanwhile apparently there is a whole tribe of folks in the DMV putting Old Bay in grits!??

Some say neither sugar nor Old Bay should be used to season grits. 

Salt vs. Sugar Grits gotta join forces to combat Old Bay because that is NOT the move ?

In case you don’t know, grits are made from corn and are a quintessential part of breakfast in many southern states. Grits have a coarse, gritty texture until other ingredients are added. 

Now I gotta try old bay on grits

Several people said they never heard of people spiking their grits with Old Bay, but they’re open to trying it. “Old Bay on grits doesn’t sound that bad I’m definitely gonna try it.” said @Ajsholiday_.”

“I put Old Bay on a lot of stuff but I’ve never tried it on grits. I’m willing to try it to support my fellow Marylander tho lol,” said @The_Shaun_Show. 

Never thought to put old bay into my grits but I’m gonna try it

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