Conor McGregor reveals best UFC performance of his career was brutal second-round demolition of Eddie Alvarez

CONOR MCGREGOR reckons his demolition of Eddie Alvarez was the best performance of his career.

The Notorious threw down with his fellow future hall-of-famer in the main event of UFC 205 in November 2016.

In front of a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden, McGregor – the then featherweight champion – put on a virtuoso performance against The Underground King to become the first fighter in UFC history to hold two titles simultaneously.

Many believe McGregor's two-round destruction of Alvarez was his best display inside the octagon, including the Irishman.

Reminiscing on his eight-year stint in the promotion, McGregor tweeted: "Best I’ve felt – 170.

"Best record/run – 145. Best performance – 155.

"What does this tell me? I’ve no idea but I love it hahahahaah."

McGregor, 32, is currently gearing up for a trilogy fight with his old featherweight rival Dustin Poirier.


Ireland's first UFC champion suffered a devastating second-round TKO loss to The Diamond at UFC 257 in January.

The pair's rubber match is the works for the summer, with July 10 the tentative date for their third meeting.

McGregor had his lead leg decimated by debilitating calf kicks in his long-awaited return to the lightweight division.

But his head coach insists he already has a better handle on how to deal with the immobilising strikes.

SBG Ireland chief John Kavanagh told BT Sport: "We want to get that one back.

"We've got to figure out these friggin' calf kicks. How to use them and to defend them.

"We're pretty confident we have that sorted out now."

And the Dubliner's striking coach, Owen Roddy, is confident he'll get the better of the new-and-improved Poirier later this year.

During an appearance on The Straight Talking Podcast, Roddy said: "You can't get it right all the time, unfortunately.

"We're only human. And you have to give the opposition some credit as well.

"And that's the game. We go in with a strategy, they go in with a strategy.

"And unfortunately, this time we came up a little bit short.

"There's no better man to come back with a rematch and get the job done. I have been watching Poirier since [fight].

"Well, I've been watching him for a long time prior to the fight and now I'm watching him even more now and coming up with strategies in order to beat what they have.

"I'll be more than prepared for the next one, Conor will be more than prepared and so will the rest of the team."

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