Conor McGregor left barely able to walk and brutal calf kicks by Dustin Poirier leaves UFC rival's legs in tatters

CONOR MCGREGOR was left barely able to walk after brutal calf kicks by Dustin Poirier at UFC 257.

The Irishman suffered a shock second-round KO loss on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, leaving the MMA world stunned.

The 32-year-old struggled from the start to deal with the American's savage low shots to his legs.

McGregor had started sharply in round one, with both men landing brutal shoulder blows while in the clinch.

But in the second, the calf shots proved too much and Poirier switched it upstairs before blasting him out.

The Dubliner said after the bout: "It's hard to overcome inactivity for long periods of time.

"The leg kicks were good. That low calf kick was very good. The leg was there and then I just wasn't as comfortable as i need to be.

"It's the inactivity and that's it, but Dustin's some fighter. I have to dust it off and come back.

"That's what I'll do. I need activity, you don't get away with being inactive in this business.

"I'll take my licks, I'm gutted. It's a tough one to swallow. I'm going to go back and regroup."

UFC viewers were left in shock at the kicks, with fans fearing for McGregor for not checking them.

One said: "The worst thing McGregor did was NOT check those leg kicks. Great performance from Poirier well deserved."

Another added: "Conor McGregor gonna have to change it up if he wants to keep fighting. He had no answer for some basic leg kicks.

"Can’t just overpower people anymore and if all you got is boxing, well… you ain’t winning in today’s UFC."

And one commented: "McGregor could hardly walk prior to him smacking the cage."

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