Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco offers to buy Olympic horse that was punched by 'disgraceful' German coach

BIG BANG THEORY star Kaley Cuoco has offered to buy the horse that was punched at the Olympics.

German coach Kim Raisner – who Cuoco described as a 'disgrace' – was thrown out of the Games for hitting Saint Boy after he refused to jump during the women's modern pentathlon.

TV star Cuoco, 35 – who is a keen equestrian – took to Instagram on Friday and said she will buy the animal and 'show it the life it should have'.

Raisner, 48, a retired modern pentathlete, was furious with horse Saint Boy after it wouldn't perform for athlete Annika Schleu.

He bucked and misbehaved during the warm up and after Schleu struggled to get him into the arena, the horse completely gave up after colliding with the fifth hurdle.

Raisner was seen punching Saint Boy above his back left leg and was swiftly axed by the German team after a furious public backlash.

Cuoco is married to horse trainer Karl Cook and was clearly disgusted by the incident.

She posted a picture of Schleu and Saint Boy on her Instagram stories and wrote: "Pure classless behaviour right here.

"Disgusting on all levels. This is not our sport. This does not represent out sport.

"This rider and her trainer are a disgrace."

And not happy to simply comment on the disturbing scene, Cuoco seems willing to put her money where her mouth is.

In another post, she added: "I'll buy that horse and show it the life it should have.

"Name your price."

She added: "I feel it’s my duty and heart to comment on this disgrace… this is not Olympic show jumping.

"This is a disgusting classless abusive representation of our sport in so many ways. This team should be ashamed of themselves.

“You and your team did not do your country proud or this sport. You make us look bad.

"Shame on you and godspeed to any animal that comes in contact with you.”

Schleu, 31, had been leading the standings in the Women's modern pentathlon prior to the showjumping.

But after randomly picking Saint Boy – her first meeting with the horse – things started to go downhill.

Britain's Kate French won gold with a total score of 1385.

Schleu was in tears after Saint Boy let her down, and eventually finished 31st overall.

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