Alex Scott: kids must have access to grassroots sports over lockdown as it is a crucial life-line to many

ANOTHER lockdown brings so many challenges for all of us.

Sport on all levels is likely to be impacted in some way, but my mind immediately goes to the access of grass roots local sports clubs and youth-centres.

They are crucial and such a life-line to many families and kids.

Not only is it great exercise, but for many it’s an extended family, a community.

In my case, local sports was a chance and gateway for more opportunities and an exciting future.

These grassroots clubs really can become a pathway to success.

I will always be passionate about this, and in particular, I will remain a voice for lower income families accessing sports.

Whilst we must ensure we follow all clear safety guidelines in the current climate, when the time is right, it is crucial for youngsters of all ages and backgrounds to continue to be active and play sport.
During the last lockdown, I was part of a Government task force looking at how and when sport could return.

As a team, it was our job to share ideas, solutions and advise – using the experience of our sporting careers, past and present.

There are some brilliant governing bodies, and experts representing different sectors and the Premier League.

My role however was to be a voice for the families who were struggling to access sport which means so much, to so many.

I will continue to be that voice during and after COVID-19, because 30 years ago, access to local sports changed my life forever.

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