Your May Horoscope Is Here

Leave it to Gemini season to get ahead of itself: Although the month begins with the sun still lolling about in languid Taurus, other key celestial influences will encourage us to get a head start on the sign of the Twins' birthday season (which officially begins on May 20). Mercury moves into Gemini on the 3rd and Venus joins it days later on the 8th. On one hand, this is some delightfully easy-breezy energy — perfect for harmless flirting, feeling that snap-crackle of new ideas, and simply enjoying the late springtime. On the other, this energy does not exactly foster focus. Tasks that require concentrated effort will feel particularly difficult, and that is if you attempt to complete them at all. Resist the urge to fly the coop and stay grounded (at least until Gem season kicks off in earnest). 

Later this month, we'll receive a shining opportunity to cut loose without fear of shirking important responsibilities: The full moon arrives in Sagittarius on the 26th, bringing a cathartic total lunar eclipse along with it. Something is coming to an end, but this lunar phase won't ask us to mourn. Whatever we're leaving behind was ready to pass anyway — it will serve us far better by focusing on the space it's created for something new.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Taurus season always finds you with money on your mind, and this May will be no different. Do your spending habits align with how you save? What do you already do to feel comfortable and secure about your income? What other resources do you consider to be equivalent to actual cash? You don't need to agonize over your answer to these questions, but you shouldn't shove them out of your mind when they arise, either. You have such a gift for thinking on your feet, dear Ram, but a little planning now and then — perhaps during the Taurean new moon on the 11th — will save you some sweat later on.

Getting down to brass tacks may feel more natural as the month progresses. On the 3rd, Mercury moves into your communication sector and sets your synapses ablaze. No detail will be too small to consider. Venus sidles up alongside the messenger planet on the 8th, reminding you that, while it may feel good to iron out every kink in your schedule, as long as your daily work fosters your relationships (current and potential), it's good work. By the time Gemini season rolls around on the 20th, you'll be more than ready to take on a month of increased calls, long to-do lists, and jam-packed calendars.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You have until the 20th to make hay while the sun shines, Taurus, and don't let anyone tell you differently — even yourself. Nagging concerns around finances may make it difficult to enjoy the final weeks of your birthday season, especially if you had plans to treat yourself with a major purchase. Look at it this way, dear Bull: As much as you love to pamper yourself with the finest indulgences, you also know how to glean the most pleasure from the leanest of circumstances. Even if you feel compelled to cut back on the festivities this year in the name of your budget, you can still feel completely and fully treated. You just might need to get creative. A night in can be luxurious with the right set of PJs and takeout order. A bubble bath can be as relaxing as a day at the spa if you have a good book and set your phone to Do Not Disturb.

The new moon on the 11th will take place in your sign and remind you why it's so important to invest time and resources in yourself. You're hardly one to make drastic changes, but mapping out a few small, gradual tweaks to your current routine can lead to major improvements down the line. The full moon on the 26th will serve as a bookend to these reflections, revealing where else your resources are flowing and asking, perhaps, if it's time to direct them elsewhere.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Hopefully you had a restful April, Gemini, because you're about to be at the center of some major celestial activity with near-immediate effects. On the 3rd, your ruling planet, fleet-footed Mercury, whisks into your sign — and if your friends thought you were chatty, thought you asked a lot of questions, thought you changed subjects too frequently before, they haven't seen anything yet. Keeping pace with your thoughts will be challenging and expressing them coherently will be moreso. Luckily, Venus will drift into your sign on the 8th and dull Mercury's influence. Better yet, this rose-tinted planet will cast a charm over your streams of conscientiousness, possibly drawing interested parties closer to you.

All of that is just a prelude to the 20th, when the sun stops by for a month-long stay. It's always tempting to spend your birthday season looking back on the last 12 months (and, sometimes, this can be an extremely informative exercise). However, this year, it'll serve you better to focus on what's coming up, what you have to look forward to, and who you may become in the next 12 months. The final days of May will hand you one more twist: A Mercury retrograde on the 29th. The messenger planet will still be in your sign when it hits reverse, so be prepared for serious brain fog and slips of the tongue.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Describe a romantic homebody and you might not be able to tell if we're talking about a Cancer or a Taurus. Staunchly dedicated to creature comforts and cultivating a sense of serene security, these signs are cut from the same cloth — but that is not to say that the tail end of Taurus season won't come with its share of tests. The new moon on the 11th will be a particularly interesting evening for you, Cancer, as it will ask you how you might come out of your shell and forge connections with likeminded people in the weeks ahead. There is no need to act immediately, so keep the stakes and deal in hypotheticals if it helps you warm to the idea of putting yourself out there.

The sun moves into neighboring sign Gemini on the 20th, kicking off the month-long countdown until your own birthday season. If you happen to enjoy these final moments before the sun moves into your own sign, at which point you become the belle of the ball and must command the attention that goes with that role, that's very Cancerian of you. Take this time to rest, recharge, and reflect on where you've been and how you've changed since Gemini season 2020. This period will be punctuated by a clarifying full moon on the 26th, which will highlight your approach to self-care, illuminating the all-important link between your emotions and your physical well-being.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

You're unlikely to find "performance anxiety" in most Leos' vocabularies, including those who don't naturally assume the diva role that we often associate with this undeniably regal sign. When push comes to shove and the stars hand you the mic, you usually have something to say — and if you don't, you know how to gracefully cede center stage to someone else. You'll find out exactly which route you're more comfortable taking this month, first at work and then later in your social life.

While Taurus season is still underway, your career will demand most of your attention. It may fall on you to put out a few fires or rally the team for a new project, but you may also just feel a greater pull to put your nose to the grindstone overall, no fires required. Either way, the sense that you're doing and performing your work will be difficult to shake — it's possible that someone with significant sway is observing your efforts from afar. You'll have more time to spend on off-hours endeavors when Gemini season starts on the 20th and urges you to be where the people are (IRL or virtually). If there's a time where you opt to share the floor, let it be later this month, when the interests of the group will (or at least should) take priority over yours.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Your sign shares a planetary ruler with Gemini, and you'll feel this common bond all month long, as the sign of the Twins hosts Mercury, Venus, and the sun, in that order. These celestial bodies will light up your all-important career sector. The messenger planet and the planet of love and beauty will work in tandem to awaken your inner corporate mastermind, granting you the mental energy to network and the charm required to do so successfully. Your pitches will come across with compelling resonance, earning you points in meetings and even pals around the (virtual) breakroom.

When Gemini season begins in earnest on the 20th, keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming opportunities for advancement. The next month or so will see you eager for more recognition at work — and if a moment to flaunt your full professional potential arises, snatch it up. But any additional attention you get will likely come with heightened expectations from the powers that be. This can be an advantageous time to set limits and boundaries that match the scope of your current job description. Even if it feels good to show how overqualified you are (and even if you believe a raise hangs in the balance) don't let a higher-up demand too much from you.

Libra (September 22 – October 23)

Listen to your heart this month, Libra. Venus the love planet (and your celestial ruler, to boot) will upend your approach to romance from May 8 onward, nudging you out of your comfort zone and into the alluring, exposing unknown. This could mean dating against your type or inviting your current partner to try something new with you. Are you feeling adventurous? Take a risk your heart would normally tell you to avoid — you never know if you like something until you try it. And, if you decidedly do not like what you find in these unfamiliar climes, take a moment and thank your heart for its resilience as you return to your comfort zone.

A hearty dose of the mundane everyday (and the solace it can provide) comes on the 26th with the full moon and total lunar eclipse. It's a wonderful evening to bring some Libran balance to your schedule, checkbook, and correspondences. Doing so will not only make your life run more smoothly from a logistical standpoint, but it will bring a great deal of satisfaction to your sensibilities. Symmetry, whether between your work and play or alone time and socialization, is the key to contentedness for your sign, Libra. The full moon will grant you the clarity to see where equilibrium needs to be restored.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

The night of the 11th will see the new moon arrive in your house of partnerships and deliver a one-two punch message that might be difficult to hear at first, but it's important that you do, Scorp. The first half of that message is a truth you may conveniently choose to ignore most of the time: You cannot go it alone. Sometimes, it's imperative you ask for help (or at least feel comfortable with the possibility of needing to do so). But, here's the second, arguably more important half: When you choose to bring someone along for the ride, you're saving them from going it alone, too. In seeking out support, you can provide the same. 

Before your skeptical Scorpio eyes roll out of your head, rest assured: You'll get to put a pin in all these thoughts of connection and care on the 26th, when the full moon and lunar eclipse light up your financial sector. The former will cast an encouraging glow over everything you're already doing to stay comfortable and afloat. The latter will nudge you to call it quits on anything that detracts from your sense of stability. No matter how deeply entrenched you may feel in your habits, you can break them, Scorp. Your first step toward a more empowering relationship with money is pinpointing where and why you feel powerless. 

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

The second half of April saw you exploring the line between what fulfills your needs as opposed to your wants. May opens with that question still weighing on your mind. What did you end up prioritizing last month, Sag? The new moon on the 11th is a wonderful time to pose this question to yourself — and to determine how you can better meet your needs going forward.

The sun pays its annual visit to your relationship zone on the 20th and, after all that self-care, you'll feel fulfilled and ready to direct those efforts outside yourself and onto your loved ones. If it's not in your normal nature to pose with a boombox outside your lover's window, don't force any grand romantic gestures. How else can you show up for your partner or dear friends while staying true to your wild ways? Consider your love language or how you like to receive affection — or, better still, just ask your S.O. or BFF what they need from you. That will take some of your signature spontaneity out of the equation, but feeling like you and your people are on the same page is worth it.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

It's reductive to call Capricorns workaholics because it fails to define what "work" for your sign entails. Yes, it's crunching numbers and hitting quotas at the office. But it's also looking ahead to next month's budget, scheduling chores for the next three weekends, taking your multivitamin, performing acts of service for those you love — even if it needs to happen, even if it fills you with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, these acts are still work. May opens in the midst of Taurus season, the one time all year when you feel even slightly compelled to take a break. That doesn't mean shirking your responsibilities, but it does mean choosing not to think about them when they do not need your immediate attention. What would a weekend look like if you were completely, fully present, instead of preparing (read: bracing) for the days to come? What would you do with all that time?

If you found yourself bristling at those questions, rest easily in knowing that you can return to the grind on the 20th when Gemini season begins. Better still, you can spend the next month considering how you might optimize said grind for maximum efficiency. Maybe the time has come to make your budget reflect new priorities — or perhaps you could benefit from a more nutritious meal plan (in addition to that trusty vitamin). 

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Saturn has been drifting through your sign since December 2020, stoking your ambitions and urging you to exercise prudence in equal measure. The ringed planet rewards efforts toward long-term security, which means it sends us some pretty stressful messages: Grow up and settle down! Lay out your five-year plan and don't stop working until you see it through! With Saturn in your ear, you may find yourself with your gaze fixed on the horizon, dreading what new challenges are to come even as you tirelessly work toward them. 

However, on the 23rd, Saturn retrograde will begin and direct your focus toward the past. You can finally take a break from the work, but only in order to make sure you're doing the right kind of work. Check for signs of progress, no matter how small (with a distant planet like Saturn, all change is gradual and incremental). Is your foundation more stable than it was last winter? Do you have a clearer idea of where and how you hope to grow in the coming months? Take stock now, Aquarius, before you're called back to task in October, when Saturn directs course.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

You may have mixed emotions to learn that your home and hearth will be at the fore for most of May. On one hand, you're likely to see continued, if not increased, communications within your family (blood, chosen, or otherwise). If your attempts at mediation and moderation have previously fallen flat, you may have better luck now — the line from the past to the present is easier to see, and with that comes a greater understanding of how tensions have mounted and can be overcome. 

Even if there is still work to be done, be it of an emotional sort or a finding-room-for-all-your-jackets-and-shoes sort, you'll actually enjoy being at home this month. Relaxation will replace the restlessness you've surely felt in the last year as you notice all the little, everyday things that consistently bring you joy. Perhaps it's the sound of the door creaking when your partner comes home, or the way your favorite mug feels in your hands first thing in the morning. The heart at the center of your home will beat anew this month, reminding you that it's so much more than a place to work on or be stuck in. And, in taking on this view of your domestic sphere, you'll find it easier (if not downright fulfilling) to tackle any tiffs that do arise. 

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