WWD Report Card: Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen Love a Coordinated Fashion Moment

In honor of this weekend’s Super Bowl, a look at the often-coordinated fashion moments of Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen.

Orange gown, Met Ball: 🥴
Gisele has two lanes: strapless mermaid or fun mini cocktail. This is the former; thankfully the bright red color makes it less Disney princess, but Brady’s bob haircut is very Prince Charming, which conveniently is one of the roles he plays.

Short fringe Met dress: 🤣
Gisele’s short cocktail dress is “Dancing With the Stars” meets vampire’s wife meets Figure Skating Hall of Fame. We wish he were wearing some Lycra pants to be able to throw her into a Triple Lutz.

Blue jacket: 😵
This baby blue smoking jacket continues to enhance his Prince Charming persona, although it feels a bit disconnected from her “Miami Housewives” (or should we say “Tampa Bay Housewives”?) look. We love a dramatic side part, though.

2009 Met Ball: 😵
Brady’s boxy three-piece suit feels very first-job-after-college — it’s everything but sleek. The blue sequin mini dress looks amazing on Bündchen’s figure, but the open-toe platform shoe feels strangely casual for such a show-stopping look.

Casual on-field look: 😍
The fitted jeans and floral blouse are the perfect daytime look, and when accessorized with flat sandals and a loose bun, the result is supermodel off-duty. Brady, no surprise, wears his warm-ups well.

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Met Ball 2017: 👏
Brady’s silver velvet smoking jacket and blackout sunglasses are unfortunately very James Bond wannabe. On the other hand, this is one of the most fashion-forward dresses Bündchen has worn. We’re not crazy about the high pony, but she gets points for trying new things.

2016 black suit look: 😍
This is their Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston moment. The black suit coordination is very sleek and timeless — a rare success story of couples wearing the same outfit. The only complaint is his sad v-neck — a crew neck would’ve saved the day.

Gold Met Ball: 🤣
This is a fashion trainwreck. In this ultra-fitted black suit with gold-embellished lapels, Brady looks like Liberace’s first assistant. Not ideal. Meanwhile, Bündchen’s gold satin drape-y explosion feels more appropriate for a spot unveiling the letters on “Wheel of Fortune.”

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