Woman’s nightmare after being left with ‘vibrating’ house

A woman says her entire home shakes every time she turns on the washing machine inside her flat, leaving her in a row with the developer.

Rachel Cleaver said the vibrations have cracked tiles inside her home and caused dishes to fall off the draining board, but she can't move until the problems are fixed.

Her downstairs neighbour's flat also shakes every time she washes her clothes, she told Chronicle Live during a reporter's visit to her home.

Rachel, 53, bought her home in Gateshead, in Tyne and Wear, two years ago, and claims an inspection found that the wrong materials had been used on the floor.

She said she has been in a wrangle with developer Miller Homes.

Rachel said: "Every time the washing machine is on the floor vibrates. They kept saying it was the wrong machine but three washing machines later and it was doing it.

"It vibrates so badly the tiles have started to crack, dishes fall off the draining board, and I can't use my washing machine when the lady is downstairs because it shakes her house.

"It is absolutely disgusting that I have been left to live like this.

"They put anti-vibration pads down, but they must think I'm a woman living on my on my own and stupid."

She contacted the National House-Building Council (NHBC) which regulates building work.

An inspection on the property found problems with the floor, windows and outside cladding, she claims.

Rachel said: "They found that the wrong materials had been used on the floor.

"My flat is an extension onto the side of the building and they found the wrong joists had been used."

There were also problems with the windows, which have been condemned, she said.

"They are splitting and water comes through," she said. "They don't shut properly."

Rachel said she can't move until the problems are fixed.

She said: "I'm stuck because I can't even sell it. No one will be able to get a mortgage on it because there won't be any reports.

"It is so stressful. I can't do anything with my home. The tiles have been up for the last 12 months in my kitchen."

She added: "The floor will have to come up, so I will have to move out of my house for six weeks and stay in a hotel."

A spokesperson for Miller Homes said: “We are aware of some issues with Ms Cleaver’s property and in order to help resolve these have involved the NHBC. 

"We understand a schedule has been put in place to fix the flooring while discussions are currently ongoing regarding the windows.  We wish to reassure Ms Cleaver we are committed to resolving the issues as soon as possible.”

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