Woman transforms home into colourful wonderland for £5,000

Hayley Birch, from Hull, has channeled her creative energy into her interior design.

After buying her two-bedroom terrace house five years ago, she initially started decorating in neutral colours – but then embarked on a massive U-turn.

And she hasn’t looked back since.

Now, the 33-year-old has transformed her home with colour, spending £5,000 in total – including the cost of furniture.

‘I’ve always been quite creative but never found an outlet for it that I really enjoyed until we bought our first house,’ Hayley says.

‘We bought our house five years ago, it has been a work in progress since.

‘We started decorating with quite neutral colours and then have gradually added more bright colours and patterns as time has gone on.

‘I love bold, bright colours and patterns as I think they create a happy space. The brighter the better for me, I genuinely feel better being in a room full of colour.’

Hayley adds that she’s managed to keep costs low by doing most of the work herself.

Around £3,000 went on furniture – on items like the sofa, dining table, chairs, bed, side table and kitchen appliances.

While £1,000 was spent on decorations, such as the rugs, plants, pots, prints, lamps, candles, bedding and more.

Then the final £1,000 went on DIY bits, such as shelves, cupboards and paint.

She adds: ‘We honestly don’t keep a record of how much we spend but we try and keep costs down and reuse, recycle and upcycle where we can.

‘We also do all of the graft and decorating ourselves which keeps the costs down.

‘We’ve learnt loads of new skills by having a go at it ourselves – plaster boarding and plastering, tiling, relaying floorboards, wallpapering, laying laminate, filling in walls, stripping painted woodwork, putting up bespoke shelving and cupboards, hanging blinds, fitting lighting and electrics, replacing plumbing and I’m sure lots of other things that I’ve forgotten.

‘I’ve lost count of the amount of projects we’ve completed. We don’t really keep a count but I would say we have at least one project ongoing at any one time.’

The day services officer says the boldest transformation has to be in the bedroom, which now has black and white chevron wallpaper and contrasting Berry Smoothie pink paint from Dulux.

The bathroom is another standout room, painted with pastel pink and purple candy stripes.

She continues: ‘Painting our woodwork and radiators any colour other than with white gloss is also another pretty bold move, we’re slowly banishing all the white gloss from the house.

‘My most favourite room of the house is our hallway and our hand painted staircase.

‘We stripped everything back to bare wood with a heat gun and then painted it in pinks and greys.

‘We recently upcycled an old sideboard with orange paint and sticky vinyl which is another favourite piece of mine.’

More of Hayley’s DIY handiwork can be found on her Instagram account @walbirchmansion, which now has more than 11,000 followers.

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