Woman takes snaps seconds apart to show reality behind perfect Instagram posts

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Blogger Georgie Clarke is working hard to show that “perfect” images you see on Instagram aren’t always the reality.

The self-love guru posts photos taken seconds apart to show how much angles and lighting can make a difference to finished results.

The London-based body positive influencer shared a body positive message with her 650,000 Instagram followers.

She wrote: “1 minute apart = both are for Instagram. On the left I am posed… On the right I am relaxed…

“Both images are beautiful and should be shared on this platform.

“This comparison is to show you that someone who understands modelling will be able to create image on the left but in reality and when relaxed is the image on the right.”

To capture the first image, Georgie revealed she had to…

  • find the best light
  • find the most flattering angle
  • tense bum
  • stand on tip toes
  • tense stomach
  • hold breath

But for the second snap, she simply relaxed and smiled towards the camera.

Georgie explained why posting the photos side-by-side is so important to her.

She said: “Both images are for my Instagram because I believe both images show my true self.

"I want to be able create beautiful images but I also want to show you the truth and reality behind the 'perfect images'. So here’s your reality check.

“Normalise normal bodies.”

Fans appreciated Georgie’s honest approach to social media – with many wishing more influencers used their platforms in similar ways.

One commenter wrote: “Thanks for sharing – I now feel my body is normal and beautiful too.”

Another said: “I developed a great acceptance of my body since I started following you.

“Thanks so much! You are beautiful.”

A third wrote: “Love love love! Sometimes I feel it’s so hard not to compare yourself to what you see on social media.

“Accounts like this are so helpful.”

And a fourth added: “Your posts are a breath of fresh air, thank you!”

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