Woman takes snaps seconds apart to show how perfect lingerie pics are faked

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The pictures you see on social media aren’t always as “perfect” as they appear to be – and Georgie Clarke is on a mission to prove that influencers look “normal” like the rest of us.

The body positive guru, from London, recently took photos seconds apart to show how posing is everything.

In the first lingerie snap, she holds her breath, stands on her tip toes and runs her hands through her hair.

Meanwhile, in the second she relaxes and smiles widely before the camera.

Georgie explained: “How influencers pose for lingerie shoots….

“1. Don’t breath, you basically are holding your breath and tensing for every shot.”

She continued: “2. Use the light to find where it will create the effect of abs – usually side lighting creates this.

“3. Moisturise and glow, seems simple but really hydrating and highlighted glowy skin doesn’t pick up things like cellulite as much on camera. That’s why often fake ‘sweat’ is used in set.

“4. Tip toes, always always in your tip toes as it really creates space between your legs while they’re crossed and naturally makes you tense your bum.

“5. Clever posing shapes, lots of crossed legs and triangles created with the arms for ‘hourglass’ effect.

“6. Fake smile.”

Georgie added: “There’s a lot that goes into it so when you see that perfectly posed and and curated photo… remembered the girl probably looks like I do on the right. Relaxed and happy.

“The image on the left is impossible to achieve in everyday life, it’s a combination of clever tricks which are used to make you think she’s perfect. In reality… she’s very uncomfortable and can’t breathe!

“Your body is beautiful so let yourself relax and stop comparing.”

The post has garnered 36,000 likes and dozens of positive comments.

One Instagram user said: “Wow what a difference posing and lighting can make.”

Another gushed: “I love you. You’re so authentic and inspiring.”

A third wrote: “I always appreciate these posts so much.”

And a fourth added: “Thank you for deconstructing it all. It’s enlightening!”

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