Woman pays £350 for wolf tattoo abroad – and wants to die after seeing result

A woman travelled all the way from Canada to the US to meet an Instagram-famous tattoo artist.

She paid £347 for an inking – but absolutely hated the result and accused the tattooist of "scamming" her.

The TikToker, who goes by the name Momma Swaii online, failed to be swayed by red flags.

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She did extensive "research" on the tattoo artist, who had more than 3,000 followers on his page, but this wasn't enough.

"This is your daily reminder of not to believe everything you see on Instagram," Swaii explained in a clip.

She continued: "This is what he posted, the tattoos that he did – very nice and he's been my 'friend' on Instagram for four years so I decided to get one."

As Swaii lives in Canada, she drove five hours across the border to the US and spent $230 (£200) on gas and accommodation.

"The tattoo itself is $400 (around £350) and I paid half as deposit, which I paid through PayPal. But he had to audacity to ask me for the rest whilst I was driving there, which was a red flag," the TikToker detailed.

"When I was there, I was looking for his tattoo shop and he said 'man I don't have a tattoo shop' and he came to my hotel room and brought all of his stuff, which again, I should have paid attention to."

As they discussed what to ink behind her ear, the artist showed Swaii a sketch of a wolf with half of its face covered in flowers.

"He told me it will be very feminine, it's a she-wolf and it will have lashes and all that, so he tattooed for four hours and said to me 'okay I'm done, do you want to see?'" she continued.

The TikToker then revealed the tattoo that she got – and admitted she "wanted to die" when she saw it for the first time.

She asked: "What is this? Can somebody please just explain to me what this is? Maybe I don't know art very well."

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She reported the tattoo artist on PayPal and asked for a refund.

"He totally scammed me, I definitely did my research and we talked a while about this whole thing. I had no words, my skin is ruined and he knew it was s***," she added.


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