Woman gets a shock after ordering a dress online

A real stitch up! Shein shopper is left in hysterics after the £13 crochet dress she ordered turned out to be so small she could wear it as a CROP TOP

  • Tori Walker, 25, from North Shields, bought a £13.49 crochet dress from Shein
  • According to the website, the item was a knee length dress with long tassels
  • But when it arrived, Tori was shocked to find it barely covered her stomach
  • Shein told her ‘we sincerely apologise for the troubles that we brought you’

A woman was surprised after ordering what she thought was a knee-length dress from Shein – but when it arrived it was a crop top that barely covered her stomach.

Tori Walker, 25, from North Shields, bought a £13.49 crochet beach cover-up for her holiday to Thailand with fiancé Ben Nelson, 27.

The online photo showed an olive-coloured dress with long tassels which covered the model’s thighs and reaching her knees.

So Tori was surprised when the package arrived and the garment was in fact more like a crop top – and barely covered her belly button, even though she’s 5ft4in.

The admin worker said the so-called dress looked more like a string shopping bag.

The dress as it was pictured on the website, appearing as a knee length item with long tassels that reach beyond the knees

In real life: however, when the ‘dress’ arrived, it was not exactly what Tori (pictured) was expecting – and was more like a crop top than a dress

‘Just so funny’: Tori says she kept laughing when she took the garment out of the bag, as it was so unlike the image on the website

Tori said: ‘It was just so funny. It’s really short and gappy. When I took it out of the bag I was so confused.

‘It just kept making me laugh. I thought, ‘Um that’s short’ so I tried it on and was like, ‘No…’

‘I looked on the reviews and people’s pictures look like the website. So I just kept on laughing because how does mine look so different? It’s literally like a crop top.

‘I’m a bit fuming, because it’s also bad quality with threads hanging out of it, and because I was really excited and happy when I ordered it and I thought it was going to look really nice.

‘I thought it would really suit a holiday in Thailand.

‘I don’t have time to replace it now. I expect I’ll wear it just once for a laugh, but with a top underneath.’

She bought it on September 11, and it arrived on September 22.

The dress was advertised for £13.49 but Tori used a discount code and paid £10.12.

Tori said she contacted Shein customer services.

After contacting Shein over the unexpected dimensions of the garment (pictured) Tori received a message saying ‘we sincerely apologise for the troubles that we brought you’

She said she doesn’t think she has been sent the wrong item because the bag featured the matching product code.

The team replied offering her another cover-up or a refund, explaining she could keep the original garment.

The message said: ‘We sincerely apologise for the troubles that we brought you.

‘I have now reported this to our warehouse department and rest assured that we will do our best to improve our product inspection so we can provide you with a more pleasant shopping experience in the future.’

Shein has been contacted for comment.

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